Mr Ang + LerLer Chan Wedding Highlights

Betrothal Gift Ceremony/ 过大礼

21 October 2016  九月初二十一

Guo Da Li ceremony
Guo Da Li ceremony

Around 9am, Mr Ang and his family brought a long list of betrothal gifts to my house. We just exchange the gift and pray to the ancestor. The whole ceremony took one hour.

Wedding Day

5 November 2016 十月初六
4:00am – Wake up and get ready for the big day
5:00am – Makeup artist, Sasa and her assistants reached bride home for bride make up. Photographer, Ah Fu arrived to take photos. My aunties and parent woke up to prepare the necessary.
6:00am – Mr. Ang’s family woke up . I gave makeup artist, Alex the wrong address.
6:30am – Alex arrived Mr. Ang house to do mother-in-law and aunties makeup.
7:00pm – My bride makeup and hairdo were done. I have nothing to do just roam around the house to find some food to eat or chat with friends and relatives. My bridemaids, Qiao and Iris were here to help out.
8:45am – Mr Ang departed from his house. My university friends arrived for breakfast.
9:30am – Mr Ang and his brothers arrived at my house. 3 minutes gate crashing game followed by ancestor prayer ceremony.
9:50am – Chinese wedding tea ceremony with bride’s relatives.
10:30am – We depart to Mr Ang’s house.
11:00am – We arrived at Mr Ang’s Ang house. A simple bed jumping ceremony by kid in our new bedroom. Followed by ancestor prayer ceremony and Chinese wedding tea ceremony. Then, we have to rush to restaurant.
12:10pm – We arrived at the banquet restaurant.
12:30pm – Arrival of guests. Sasa helped me with my second white gown and makeup.
1:45pm – Wedding march in. Our Doraemon theme pre-wedding video has captured our guests’ heart.
1:50pm – Buddhist wedding ceremony
2:00pm – The luncheon feast began.
2:30pm – Wedding cake cutting ceremony and a toss to the guests (YUM SENG)
2:40pm – Another round of Chinese wedding tea ceremony in the restaurant private room.
3:30pm – Greet guests per table.
4:00pm – Stand at the exit to thank all the guests.
5:00pm – Return to Bride home ceremony
7:00pm – Arrived at Mr. Ang house.
9:00pm – Rest

Wedding Preparation List (Johor Bahru price list)

No. Services Freelancer/ Company Price Range
1. Wedding day Photography D’ Letizia Photographer RM900.00++
2. Bride Make Up ( 1 make up + 1 hair style) Sasa de Maquillage RM900.00++
3. Manicure Prisca de Nails RM165.00
4. Mother / Aunt Make Up Alex +6017-266-8593

(experienced make up artist)

RM200++ per pax
5. Customised Wedding Shoes Lesmano RM300.00++
6. Wedding package

  • Pre-wedding photography
  • Wedding day gown
Catalog Vision Studio  RM3300 – RM3400
7. Pre-Wedding Video Infinite Moment



  • Wedding luncheon banquet on the wedding day is quite tiring for both family members. However, we can rest early at the end of the day.
  • Avoid listen to long distance relative’s advice last minute.
  • Always stick to the original wedding plan to avoid confusion.
  • Always be flexible for unexpected things or event.
  • The most important things is just enjoy your big day. ^^

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