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Image Credit: iPirce Malaysia
Image Credit: iPrice Malaysia

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E-Commerce shop of my choice: Tesco Online

Image Credit: eCommerceMilo
Image Credit: eCommerceMilo

Tesco Online is listed as number 2 among top 10 eCommerce sites by big retailers in Malaysia. It is considered the first  pioneer of online groceries site in Malaysia. As a working adult (mother-to-be-soon), Tesco Online is a great help for my house chores.  I love their delivery services and payment delivery service.  Additional to it, the delivery man help us to carry the shopping bag to the porch. It is such a great help for my elderly parent.

Potential Issues Faced by Tesco Online

#1 Inconsistent Product Images

Missing product images from website
Missing product images from website

Image speak louder than word. It is very important for consumer to view the product image. Although the product detail written in uppercase and bigger font size, image can attract consumer to make decision more easier.

#2 Unclear Glossary Term

Tesco Online Menu
Tesco Online Menu

Too many unknown terms in the menu. May be it is my English proficiency problem too. I have no clue on the difference between brown crusty loaves and healthy crusty loaves. I do love to see a small image when I mouse over the term.

#3 Slow Page Loading

Tesco Online page load insight by Google
Tesco Online page load insight by Google

The page load of Tesco Online is relatively slow.

Strategies for Tesco Online

1) Improve or Insert More Product Images

A product photo is worth a thousand online sales. ! extracted from Volusion

The statement above has explained. Consumers are more easier to be attracted by image. The better the image quality, detail information about the product, the easier and shorter time consumer can make the buying decision.

2) Improve Page Loading Speed

Tesco Online can improve the eCommerce site by following suggested summary provided by Google or other similar web analytic tool.


A recent study done by EcommerceMilo showed that only 6% consumers research groceries online then purchase online. 56% consumers prefer to research online, then purchase offline.  On the other hand, Singapore share  similar demographic information as Malaysia has a significant demand of online grocery over the year. To add on, according to Nielsen study in 2015, willingness to use digital retailing options in the future is the highest in Asia-Pacific, Africa/ Middle East and Latin America regions.  Hopefully, Tesco Online and iPrice Malaysia can catch up with the growth of online grocery shopping trend soon.

*This post is written for iPrice E-Commerce Blogging Competition 2017. Thank you iPrice Malaysia for organising this blogging competition.


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