The 1st Trimester of Pregnancy

22 September 2016

My period supposed to be on time. It had been late for a week. I started to worry. Many questions popped up in my mind. Am I expecting? Am I pregnant? After checking all the symptoms online, I visited a public clinic for the pregnancy test. However, the nurse said clinic do not provide this kind of service. She requested me to buy pregnancy test kit from a nearby pharmacy.

Image Credit: Double Pink
Image Credit: Double Pink

I bought a pregnancy test kit and tested it at home. Bingo, 2 lines. I was very nervous about the result. I quickly snapped a photo and sent to Mr Ang. As we two were quite naive with pregnancy test kit,  we keep wondering.  Is the second line been too blur?  At the same time, I found some blood spotting on my undergarment. Is that a sign of menstrual? we get more confused.

24 September 2016
Mr Ang and I visited a private clinic for check up. The second pregnancy test was conducted. I was confirmed pregnant. However, the doctor referred me to a gynecologist for further check up. Blood spotting was not a good sign during early pregnancy. Mother instinct flowed through me. I almost burst into tear when the doctor explained to me.

Image Credit: My Healthy Feeling
Image Credit: My Healthy Feeling

We rushed to the nearest gynecologist clinic for uterus scanning. The experienced gynecologist scanned my womb and found embryo. The embryo was as small as black bean. Luckily, the gynecologist explained to me that my embryo was at the right location. She further questioned me on my daily diet and activity. The reason for my blood spotting may be due to Chinese herbal soup. I recently drank some herbal soup that contained  Dang Gui 当归.  Thus, she advised me not to drink any Chinese herbal soup at the mean time.

18 October 2016
We went to maternity public clinic / Klinik Kesihatan Ibu dan Anak (KK) for registration. Each pregnant mother will get a mother health record red book/ buku merah.

Image Credit: Utara dan Selatan

The list of necessary documents to register at KK  Malaysia are:

  • 1 copy of mother IC
  • 1 copy of father IC
  • 3 copy of marriage registration certificate
  • 1 copy of water or electrical bill of current residential area
  • The original copy of water or electrical bill of current residential area



  • Each KK is assigned with destinated zone. Please registered at the nearest KK.
  • Registration of mother health record red book is free of charge for Malaysian.
  • Certain KK required new mother to make appointment in order to registeration. Cetain KK only do new mother registration on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please check with your nearby KK.
  • Certain KK will request new mother to pay RM4.00 to buy urine bottle.
  • The nurse will make sure pregnant lady have enough acid folic, vitamin B and iron tablet


The first time registration for first time new mother will take around 2 to 3 hours.

Many health tests are conducted within 2 to 3 hours

  • Medical history interview
  • physical health test
  • blood test
  • pregnancy explaination
  • detal check up
  • breast message technique
  • daily diet explaination

I found that all the test and advice help me a lot through out the pregnancy.

18 October 2016 (11 weeks)
Nausea and evening sickness during the first trimester was normal. However, my evening sickness was so bad that it caused me some depression. To add on, my mother did not understand the change in my resting habit. I have been blamed for sleeping too much. I have to let her read a lot of scientific reports to understand my resting habit.

Additional to it, I was infected with a very bad cough. I was in my 11 weeks pregnancy. I can’t seem to stop coughing after visited 3 doctors. In the end, Mr Ang brought me to visit Traditional Chinese Medication (TCM) center twice. TCM doctor gave me very mild medication but a long list of food to avoid.

  • chicken
  • egg
  • milk
  • white cabbage
  • corn
  • toufu
  • sesame oil
  • cold beverage
  • spicy food

Finally by 14 weeks of pregnancy, my cough was gone.

5 November 2016
It was Mr Ang and my big day. Our wedding day. I took anti-vomit medication before the wedding day to stay healthy. Thus, I did not have any evening sickness or nausea during the wedding day. Thanks to my bridesmaids, they prepared bread for me. Pregnant lady gets hungry easily on the wedding day.

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