Tips to Find Great Deals on Hotel around Johor

Johor is an economic emerging state in Malaysia. With the growing success of Iskandar Malaysia Project, the tourism sector in Johor has increased 12.81% in first 6 months of year 2015. On the other hand,  I have been introducing different delicacies and places to travel in Johor for more than 3 years, I mostly introduce different hill or beach in Johor. Most of my readers are either nature lovers or family oriented. Thus, I received numerous questions from readers per month.

  • Where to park my car around the tourism area?
  • Where to eat the cheapest seafood?
  • Are there mountain rangers around when you go hiking?
  • Is there budget hotel/ accommodation around Johor Bahru?
  • Is there free and safe car park area around the hotel?


I will discuss 3 tips to find great deals on Hotel .

#1 Find The Featured Hotels Around The Area

When you are unclear of a place or location, it is best to view the hotels or accommodation around a specific area. This time, OYO has featured some hotels in Johor Bahru.  To add on, the price only start from RM49.00. Isn’t it a great deal!

Image Credit: OYO Google Play Store
Image Credit: OYO Google Play Store

PS: You can find hotel in OYO mobile app too.


Features are listed on one page, user can see it in one glance.

#2 Compare Your Needs or Requirements on OYO

I believe that each traveler has their own needs. While for me, hygiene is my first priority. I can’t live in a hotel room with weird smell or dirty bed. My biggest fear is a bed with bed bug. OYO website interface has stated the spotless linen as one of the features. This is very important for me.

Price and location are stated clearly in one web interface.

This feature help me to save time when booking a hotel room. I can save my time to plan travel itinerary. Therefore, I have less worry on the hygiene and location of the hotel.

Less is more from OYO

#3 Use Promotion Code or Discount Code for More Saving

I am a lady travel blogger. Finding discount code or promotion code before I buy is my second insticnt. Why not save more when you travel too? Here is a great 20% discount code for you to save money.

OYO Buddy Code for 20% Discount: MYBUD405

Oyo is available in Malaysia NOW

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