6 Tasks I Have Done Over Malaysia Movement Control Order 2020

Most content writers have been writing some thought about Movement Control Order (MCO). I have multiple roles in my life. I finally have the time to pen down my thought and some grumble down.


What is Movement Control Order (MCO)?

MCO has been announced by The Malaysia Prime Minister to flatten the Covid-19 curve.

References: https://www.pmo.gov.my/2020/03/movement-control-order-faq-info/

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#1  Conducting Remote Learning Lessons

This is the first time I conducted lessons over video conferencing. During the first week of the semester (around February), I have mentioned to my class to get prepare for online classes. BINGO! here come MCO. all classes are conducted through Microsoft Team. Recorded videos were stored in Microsoft Stream.

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#2 Homeschooling

Coincidently, MCO was first announced during the school holiday. My son was just a toddler. He has no idea why I didn’t bring him to kindergarten.  Our daily homeschooling routine:

  • run around the car pouch / cycling / gardening
  • destroy some furniture / pot
  • play toy / play LEGO bricks
  • study 3 languages
  • study mathematics
  • Youtube time
  • Youtube time
  • Studio Ghibli time on Netflic
  • Youtube time
  • youtube again
  • video again


Yes, I know that WHO has set toddler’s screen time. Youtube save my life as I still need to do my work and house chores.

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#3 House chores

We live with a parent in law. It means that we do need to help out in house chores.

#4 Testing some new recipe

One kitchen can not have two women. This is the lesson I learned since young. Thus, I only test out some recipes like steam banana cake, steam pumpkin cake, or pancake in the morning. Mother in law was the cook in the house

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#5 Gardening

Since my son loves hand-on activities, I bought around 25kg of soil and some vegetable seed. Currently, we are growing some okra, eggplant, and sweet potato leaves.

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#6 Food delivery / take away

We have ordered burgers, vegetarian meal and Japanese food. FoodPanda app has the most promo code, but with minimum spending. Grab has fewer options in our area. Hungry app has the most food options. While, MoreFun app has the least option. I don’t like the top-up options in MoreFun app. It just lock up the money.


Is this MCO a self spiritual searching? No, I am busier than ever. I don’t even have time to take any online lessons. I totally lost at time management.  My son just don’t sleep at the time I want. In the end, I learn to adapt it. Just go with the flow.

As I am typing on 15 May 2020, Malaysia is implementing the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO). I am instructed to go back to the work station. However, we are encouraged to take annual leaves and work from home.


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