4D3N Asean Traveler Philippine Extreme DareDevil Itinerary

Thank you to AirAsia and AirAsiaGo, I was shortlisted for Asean Traveler- Extreme Daredevil Trip. I was stunned and shocked when the news was announced to me by phone. Together with Asean Traveler winner, ArtChan and his friend, Cha, we started our extreme dare devil journey in Philippines.



18 November 2015, Wednesday

07:15am  Departed to KLIA 2 from Senai Airport, Johor
08:00am  Arrived KLIA2. I walked 10 minuted to reach the luggage collection area.
08:20am  Retrieved bag from conveyor belt 1
08:31am  Met up with AirAsia representative.
09:00am  Self baggage drop over the counter.
09:45am  Walk around KLIA2 for water dispenser
10:30am  Board the flight, AK608
10:50am  The flight return to the Q21 parking lot due to technique error.
11:30am  Lunch time at KLIA2
12:15pm  Re-board the flight
04:30pm  Arrived Kalibo Airport, Philippines
05:00pm  Check out of Immigration counter
05:30pm  Bought a 5 days data plan from Globe Telecom
07:00pm  Arrived Caticlan jetty.
07:30pm  Took ferry to Cagban jetty, Boracay
07:42pm  Arrived at Cagban jetty
08:00pm  Checked in Canyon de Boracay (The Winner of TripAdvisor year 2015)
09:00pm  Bought Mc Donald meal for dinner
11:00pm  Rest



19 November 2015, Thursday

04:30am  Star Gazing and sun rise by Boracay Beach Station 2
05:00am  Rest again
06:00am  Walked around the beach
07:00am  Breakfast at the hotel
08:05am  Departed for activities of the day
10:05am  Snorkeling around Balinghai reef
11:00am  We just see magic island from a distance due to bad weather.
11:30am  First extreme dare devil activity – Bungee reverse jump
11:45am  Back to hotel and swim at the hotel swimming pool
12:15pm  Took a bath
02:00pm  Checked out hotel
03:00pm  Lunch at d*mall
04:00pm  Departed to Cagban jetty
04:20pm  Left Boracay by ferry
05:00pm  Arrived at Caticlan jetty. We took a van to Kalibo airport.
06:30pm  Arrived at Kalibo airport
07:00pm  Dinner at nearby stall
08:40pm  Resting at boarding room
10:15pm  Board the flight, Z2714
11:15pm  Arrived at Manila Airport
11:45pm  Arrived at Azumi Boutique Hotel
12:40pm  Rest



20 November 2015, Friday

08:00am  Breakfast
08:45am  Depart to Republ1c Wake Park
10:00am  Arrived wake park
10:15am  Wakeboarding beginner training
12:15pm  Wash up time
12:30pm  Depart back to Alabang district
02:00pm  Arrived at hotel
02:30pm  Lunch at Buona Vita Ristorante Italiano
04:30pm  Evening dip at hotel’s infinite pool
05:00pm  Shower time
06:30pm  Depart to SM Mall of Asia
07:15pm  Shopping for souvenirs
09:00pm  Goodbye SM Mall of Asia
09:30pm  Arrived hotel
10:00pm  Rest


Manila skyline from Azumi Boutique Hotel
Manila skyline from Azumi Boutique Hotel

21 November 2015, Saturday

05:45am  Photoshooting at rooftop
08:20am  Breakfast
09:00am  Check out Azumi Boutique hotel
09:30am  Depart to Manila International Airport
10:30am  Arrived Manila International Airport
12:40pm  Goodbye Manila
04:00pm  Arrived KLIA2
06:00pm  Self luggage drop at airport
07:15pm  Flight delay due to bad weather
10:00pm  Arrived Senai Airport, Johor
11:00pm  Rest


Mc Donal Meal
BBQ chicken Lunch
5 days unlimited data plan by Globe Telco
Dried mango and other souvenirs
Pili nut
Fruit juice


165.00 Peso
5.00 Peso
165.00 Peso
85.00 Peso
300.00 Peso
388.00 Peso
653.75 Peso
65.00 Peso


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