Sushi Mentai @ Tun Aminah, Johor

25 October 2015

A few months ago, Mr. Ang brought me to try out Japanese dining restaurant. He mentioned that the ala carte price was very reasonable and economic. ECONOMIC….. this word mean CHEAP to me.  True enough, One plate of sushi is around RM1.80 to RM2.80. The price was indeed affortable. Please read HERE for my previous write up in Sushi Mentai Bukit Indah branch.


My dad enjoys Japanese food very much.  Therefore, Mr. Ang and I brought dad to try out our favourite Japanese food restaurant. As we were shopping for some furniture around Skudai area, we stopped by Sushi Mentai branch at Taman Ungku Tun Aminah.


Chuka Kurage RM4.80 Chuka Hotate RM4.80  as appetizer


Salmon Toro (5 pieces) RM11.80

Fresh and fatty salmon tummy fresh go perfectly with a sprinkle of lemon juice and wasabi.

Take Sashimi RM16.80
Take Sashimi RM16.80

A combination of salmon fresh, octopus and white tuna was served. However, white tuna was not available.

Salmon Mentai Dragon Maki RM12.80
Salmon Mentai Dragon Maki RM12.80

Mentaki sauce is a mixture of  mentaiko 明太子(fish roe) with mayonnaise. Mentaiko is a kind of pickled fish roe. It’s natural saltiness and smooth texture of mayonnaise give a popping sensation in the diner mouth. We tasted 3 different type of sensation in this dish. Crispiness of the prawn tempura, chewiness of salmon fresh and mild saltiness of mentaki sauce.  Thus, this was Mr. Ang’s favourite dish

Salmon Mentaiyaki RM14.80
Salmon Mentaiyaki RM14.80

A MUST dish for diners who enjoy Salmon fish. The fresh salmon fish was grilled perfectly with mentaiyaki sauce.

Pumpkin Croquette RM6.80

Dad, Mr. Ang and I agreed that the pumpkin croquette is the best dish of the day. Sweet pumpkin croquette was fried to golden brown. I can taste its’ crispness in every bite. The mayonnaise and sweet soy sauce was the perfect combination to go with this dish.

Agedashi Tofu RM4.80
Agedashi Tofu RM4.80

The fried tofu was dipped on soy sauce with katsuoshi (dried bonito flakes) . The saltiness of bonito flakes and tenderness of tofu make this dish more attractive.

I prefer Sushi Mentai Tun Aminah branch. There are ample of parking lots. A car washing shop was located opposite of the restaurant. Mr. Ang like the car washing shop’s services. The cleaners were very serious and tedious in washing all the cars. Mr. Ang was able to enjoy his meal while observing his car taking “spa”. Haiz, Mr. Ang was very obsessed with his car.

LerLer’s Reviews:

Tax?: 6% GST
Service Charge? : 10%
Service: 8/10
Delicious: 6/10
Parking: 9/10
(Quite easy to find a parking lots)

Sushi Mentai Tun Aminah Branch
Sushi Mentai Tun Aminah Branch

Sushi Mentai

Yichiban Restaurant
155, Jalan Pendekar 2,
Taman Skudai Baru,
81300 Skudai,
Tel: –

Operating Hours:
Monday to Sunday
11:30am – 10:00pm

Google Map:
GPS: 1.5181743,103.6500368


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