3 Tips to Check Server Speed

On July 2016, Eryn Ong (author of Millionmars.com) asked me a question. Should I change my web hosting? This question prompts me to do some research on her website. There are many tools to check page loading. How about server speed test? There is a manual way to test a server speed test. Webmaster will use script to test the server speed. Thanks to Bitcatcha, it has a simple and user-friendly interface to test your server speed too.

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What is Page Loading Speed?

Page Loading Speed means how fast does one website display to your users. As most Malaysians owned a car, I will use car as a metaphor. Car was designed as a transportation. For a lady driver like me, I will only look for a car that is affordable and fuel saving. On the other hand, car matters to Mr. Ang. It is like choosing a “life partner” for him. He will look the exterior and interior of the car. He can discuss the exterior of the car with his friends and relatives before buying a car.

Website Design = Car Exterior design
Page Load Speed = Car exterior design to help it move faster.

Image Credit: Topgear.com
Ferrari is designed to endure all the wind obstacle(Aerodynamic) and increase the speed. Ferrari car is quite simple and low.  Conclusion, the speed of website depend on the website design and other factors. Image Credit: TopGear

Free Tools to Test Page Loading Speed

What is Server Speed?

Server speed contributes to your website speed. Ferrari engine has high capacity thus it can go rather fast. Mr. Ang explained to me that car speed is depending on the engine capacity. His car is 1.5 cc. The pickup speed of his car is so much faster than my 1.3cc car. Not sure, how much is the road tax for a Ferrari car?


Image Credit: TopSpeed
A car speed is mainly determined by car engine. Image Credit: TopSpeed

To let your online users to view your website site fast enough, server speed does matter a lot.

3 Tips to Check Server Speed

let discuss on how to check and improve your web page loading and server speed.

#1 Check Your Website Page Loading Speed

Please use the free page loading tools mentioned above to check your website speed.

#2 Check Server Speed

Currently, this applies to websites that owned their domain name. Blogs that consists wordpress.com or blogspot.com may not produce an accurate result. For example: lertraveldiary.blogspot.com or happy.wordpress.com

My server speed result need improvement. According to google, the ideal server speed should be under 200ms.

#3 Apply the Recommended Tips from Bitcatcha

You can refer to the links below to speed up your website loading or server speed. That mean I am going to do it for my blog too. Let work it out.


As I explained to Eryn Ong, it is essential to choose a good web hosting. For bloggers like us, choosing a good web hosting is like choosing a good car. Definitely not life partner.  Server can boost your web traffic in near future. There are many web hosting plan or vendor in the market. iPage Web Hosting can be one of the references.  Please feel free to post your questions at the comments below. I am happy to discuss the relevant questions with readers.

PS: A reminder, I am just a normal lady driver. Please excuse my description for car. In my opinion, the car don’t break down and fuel saving. I am happy to drive the car. All car related issues will be handled by Mr. Ang.

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