Be a Smart Saver with Lazada on 12 Dec

As a lady, you life will transform after you are married. Mr. Ang and I just settled down.  My life style start to change. I didn’t mean to scare my readers. Married life is definitely different from “bachelor” life.
During my “bachelor” time

  • Travel when AirAsia has zero fare promotion
  • Cafe hopping with friends
  • Eat as I want
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Now, I am married. I realised that my commitments are greater than before. I have car loan to settle in a few years time. We need to save money for our house loan. My wedding preparation need money to pay. It is all about money. Every cent and Ringgit Malaysia, we will try our best to save. That is why Mr. Ang and I are looking forward for Online Revolution Sale Lazada Malaysia

Sale: Online Revolution Sale Lazada Malaysia

Date: 10 December 2015 to 12 December 2015
Day: Thursday to Saturday

The climax of the sale is up to 95% discount. OMG! Where can find such high discount rate? Since the first day of the sale, Mr. Ang and I have been busy surfing the Lazada website. Why?

1) Price comparison

Smart saver will compare the product price before making any decision. Mr. Ang and I are very good at remember the product price.
For example:

Electrolux ESM09CRD-C1 Air Conditioner
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The normal selling price at random shop is around RM13xx.
Normal price by Lazada is RM1130.00
After 42% discount on 11 December 2015 is RM649.90

I can save up to RM5xx. In addition to it, Electrolux is a like the BMW in electronic appliance world. Who don’t want a good air conditioner with energy saving feature. PS: electricity fare will hike around January 2016.


2) The Right Timing to Grab

The climax of the sale is around 12am on 12 December 2015 . Phew. Luckily, it fall on a Saturday. That mean I no need to wake up early on the next day of my online shopping.

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3) Improve Couple Communication

This few days, we just research on each product price, advantages, feature and value. It is great to have a common topic within couple. It help to save our wallet from burning a hole. It definitely tighten our relationship too.  Example of our conversation

Ler: Laogong. What do you think about this TV

Mr. Ang: Let me check the feature….. It seem great. How much is it?

Ler: It stated here RM9xx. The normal prize is RM12xx.

Mr. Ang: That mean can save around RM3xx. ( Mr. Ang calculate faster than me)

Ler: Yup

Mr. Ang: Put that in the shopping cart. Let see weather it will have further discount

Ler: Copy that.

Thus, let be a smart saver. Online shopping on Lazada Malaysia. It can help to save both husband and wife pocket money. Check out the previous 11 November Info-graphic

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PS: I am very selfish. I will not share with you the items I want to grab. As a smart saver, I will save that item for my family.

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