Register of Marriage 1 Year Anniversary

22 May 2015, Friday

After 1 year of marriage, I have time to sit down and write out the ceremony.

Happy 1 Year Anniversary.  Our ROM ceremony was a simple one.

Dress preparation:

  • White dress by my sister
  • Shoes from Tiamo  (I bought it a few years ago)
  • A white flower hair pin RM50.00
  • Makeup by my sister

As there are some intern students from Netherland, I invited them to watch the local ROM ceremony. They are Joanne, Dennis and Daniel. Caucasians have very different appearances from Asian. When I introduced the students to my family members, all of them have different thoughts.

  • My mother in law thought they were lecturers
  • My sister in law thought they were my husband’s colleagues
  • My sister though that they were random foreigners that passed by.
  • My parent were lecturers. Thus, they guess it right. The 3 foreigners were intern students.


Exchange of marriage vows in front of registrar and family members
Exchange of Marriage Ring

The whole ceremony lasted for 20 minutes. As usual for Malaysians, we will go celebrate it with food. We invited everyone to have dim sum at Skudai area.

Now reflect back. Although it was very simple, it was a memorable and meaningful event for me. While, I not sure on Mr. Ang part. He was joyous as usual after marriage.

Thank you. Everyone that attended our ROM ceremony.

Happy ROM Anniversary^^. May all married couple be calm when facing marriage challenges.


PS: The foreign intern students were back in their country to further studies. All the best to them.

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