My First Baby Labour / Delivery Experience

1 April 2017, Saturday

6:00 am fresh blood spotting was on my undergarment. I was at the 34th week of pregnancy
8:00 am go back home to inform Mr. Ang
10:00 am visit gynecologist for diagnosis
11:00 am gynecologist explained the situation as preterm fetus movement. 3 days medical leaves were given to rest at home.

2 April 2017, Sunday

10:00 am the usual pregnancy follow-up at government clinic/ klinik kesihatan ibu dan anak.
11:00 am doctor did another round of scan. Doctor also advised me to have bed rest.

3 April 2017, Monday

Whole day rest at home

4 April 2017, Tuesday

2:00 am first contraction started
4:00 am contraction again
6:00 am contraction every 10 minutes. This time, I informed Mr. Ang. We followed mother-in-law advice to visit government hospital.
7:00 am arrive at delivery department of Hospital Sultanah Aminah, Johor Bahru (HSAJB)
7:20 am check up at bilik saringan
8:30 am premature contraction was diagnosed. Admission was required. Doctor agreed to let me stay in the first class ward. First DEXA injection on my butt.
10:00 am wheel into the first class ward, bed 23rd.
11:30 am lunch time
12:40 pm wheel into Obstetrics Acute Care (OBC) room for DEXA treatment
1:00 pm eat 2 tablets of anti-contraction medicine. There were 4 contractions within 5 minutes.
1:20 pm second intake of anti-contraction medicine
1:40 pm third intake of anti-contraction medicine
2:30 pm contraction frequency reduced.
3:00 pm tea break
4:20 pm contraction had stopped
5:30 pm dinner time
9:00 pm second DEXA injection. Glucose level was monitored.
10:00 pm back to ward and rest

5 April 2017, Wednesday

5:00 am contraction started again on every 30 minutes.
7:20 am contractions on every 5 minutes.
8:00 am breakfast
8:30 am ECG checking on contraction frequency. However, no contraction was recorded.
11:00 am contraction had stopped.
12:00 pm contraction started again every hour.
5:00 pm contraction frequency had increased. Face and ear were flushed. Body temperature increased.
6:00 pm didn’t eat much during dinner time
8:00 pm contraction every 5 minutes. Emergency button was pressed. The doctor checked my cervix and found it open 2cm.
9:00 pm push back to ward and rest
12:00 am emergency button was pressed again. Cervix opened 4cm.

6 April 2017, Thursday

12:30 am blood was collected for clinical testing. Another injection on my butt. Nurse gave me some pain killer.
1:00 am wheel into labour hall, room 9. Labour hall is quite big with different rooms. Although I was in pain, I can see that there were many doctors and nurses rushing around. Some doctors and nurses were busy doing documentation on the reception area.
1:30 am contraction pain was unbearable.
2:45 am mid-wife has arrived and asked me to be ready on delivery position.
2:47 am 2 pushed and 1 scream, baby Chen was delivered. Baby was placed on my chest area. While, mid-wife and nurses clean up my wound.
5:00 am medical officer clean up my wound.
6:00 am wheel back into ward to rest
6:10 am call Mr Ang and family members to inform baby was delivered.
7:00 am Sherlyn Goh helped me to visit my baby NICU
7:30 am family members arrived to visit me and baby
12:00 pm Mr Ang collected lunch from confinement center to let me eat
2:30 pm Mr Ang wheeled me to see baby in NICU
4:00 pm rest

7 April 2017, Friday

7:30 am doctor do a follow up on me
10:00 am medical officer do a check up on my wound
12:00 pm prepare to check out
2:30 pm nurse passed us all the discharge and other necessary documentation. The total bill for my 4 days 3 nights treatment is RM1,620.00
3:00 pm visit baby in NICU
3:30 pm nurse guides me on breastfeeding techniques
5:30 pm doctor doesn’t discharge baby as he is underweight.
6:30 pm reach confinement center to discuss some detail and have dinner. I received some donated breastmilk for my baby from other mommies.
8:30 pm go home and rest as I am very depressed.
9:00 pm rest

8 April 2017, Saturday

Rest at Sharan confinement centre
Mr Ang and family visited baby in NICU

9 April 2017, Sunday

6:00 am express some colostrum into bottle
9:00 am breakfast
10:30 am depart to HSAJB
11:00 am visit baby at NICU. He is under jaundice treatment.
2:00 pm learn to breastfeed
4:00 pm second breastfeed and waiting for baby clinical report.
6:00 pm third breastfeed
6:30 pm Mr Ang receives treatment bill and proceed to payment.
7:30 pm discharge from hospital after a long interview by nurses and doctor
8:00 pm reach confinement center for dinner. Nannies take care of baby.
9:00 pm rest


  • A big thank you to all nurses, doctor, parent, parent-in-law and colleagues for helping me.
  • There are many doctors and nurses in the government hospital. Please bear with the same old questions being asked every time. I can’t remember how many times I have been asked on seafood allergic questions.
  • No charging are allowed in the ward. Nurses asked us to charge smartphone with power-bank.

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4 thoughts on “My First Baby Labour / Delivery Experience”

  1. Hi , Ler! Do you mind to share with me your pregnancy journey? I was on my first trimester and was seeking for gynae on the routine check as well as thinking to deliver in Sultanah Aminah Hospital. My Husband and I are quite nervous and loss at this moment although we have been expect to welcome a new lives to our life.

  2. Hi Ler! I would like to know your pregnancy journey as my Husband and I also planned to give birth in Sultanah Aminah. May I know which class you have choose?

  3. Hi I stay in first-class ward. You may request from the doctor. However, it may depend on availability and condition.


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