1st Love Letter to the Eldest Son.

Dear son,

As your birthday is approaching, mama wants to write you your first love letter. You was born in 21st century. Mama is unsure if you understand the word “letter” and email. These words will be considered outdated or faded away. No matter what happen, mama still wishes to write down all the incidents since you have arrived into our family.

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Your expected birthday is estimated on 8 May 2017. Until today, no scientific evidence can prove your premature arrival. If you need an explanation, mama bas a few illogical explanation. On 31 March 2017. Mama was busy arranging tables and chairs in a campus. Later on mama way home, mama saw a car accident. It triggered some bad dream. On the next day, mama had bleeding discharged. Gynaecologist diagnosed as premature foetus movement. On the other hand, TCM doctor mentioned that mama broke some Chinese taboo. Fortunely, mama was given 3 days medical leaves. You dad, Mr. Ang was very worried for mama’s condition. He cancelled a food review appointment.

On 4 April 2017, Mama started to feel pain on abdomen area. It was 12 midnight. Mama continued to lay on bed uncomfortably. For the next every 2 hours, mama could feel cramp sensation in the womb. At around 5am, the cramping sensation was not reduced. Mama woke dad and he immediately jumped up from bed. He asked your grandmother for advice. The pain was getting excruciating. Mama couldn’t get out of bed.

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Without hesitation, your grandma and dad sent mama to hospital. Your dad even cancelled his outstation trip in Batam. After reaching the hospital, the doctors did a series of check-up and admitted mama. You can read the story in the previous post. Your maternal grandparent were alerted by mama’s hospitalisation. Your granny rushed to hospital upon reaching Larkin sentral, She attended ancestor prayer in Kedah for the past few days. All of us prayed hard that you could still grow well in mama’s womb for another one week.

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On the next day, the senior doctor predicted mama was going to deliver soon. True enough, mama went into labour on that night. Big sadhu to all, you didn’t make mama suffer too long. Mama just experienced the excruciating pain for 14 hours. Your poor granny suffered for 3 days in labour when she was delivering mama. Your grandparent kept vising mama despite their busy schedules.

When midwife placed you on mama chest, mama couldn’t help crying out of true rejoice to receive your arrival. You were so petite. Your hands and legs kept moving around. Mama was having difficulty to calculate your fingers and toes. Then, the nurse tool you away for medical check-up. Mama began to feel unbearable body pain and tiredness. The midwife was stitching mama’s wound without anaesthetic.

The funny thing was your dad was in his deep slumber while mama was fighting to deliver you. Until today, mama can recall our phone conversation.

Mama: hi dear.

Dad: good morning, how are you today?

Mama: I delivered baby.


After the phone conversation, you dad happily applied leave to visit you. You were placed in another ward. Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) which was 10 minutes away from mama’s ward. You could read up the story in the previous post.

After your full month birthday. The whole family were busy taking care of you. You didn’t poop for 12 days. You was first diagnosed as Hirschsprung by another medical officer. Fortunately, Dr. Lai Fui Boon (Paediatric sugery, paediatric urology) diagnosed you had colic and umbilical hernia problem. After 3 months of medication, you were able to poop normally.

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Upon your arrival, we learnt that

  • Baby only fed on breastmilk for the first 6 months.
  • Frozen or chilled breastmilk need to be thawed before feeding
  • Washing pump and bottles became mama’s daily chores.

You started to turn your body when you were four months old. Your growth progressed normally. One you were able to turn around, you started to crawl backwardly. We felt relief to observe you progress as normal baby.

You dad bought your first audio book on mama’s birthday. Mama still could remember your dad’s facial expression. It was around 10pm. Mama and dad just back from selecting your present. Your father was grinning ear to ear like a child to show you the audio book. He couldn’t help showing you how the audio book work. However, during that time, you were in deep slumber. Mama couldn’t help teasing your dad with this incident.

I could recall another similar silly yet funny incidents happened onto both grandfathers. Your grandfather only dare to carry you when you were three months old. He adored and pampered you to the maximum. He learned to play and take care of you. His changes were incredible. All our relatives kept teasing him as faithful grandfather. 有孙就饱。

Your maternal grandpa doted you too. On one occasion, while mama was changing your napkin, you cried. Upon hearing your cried, he rushed down from his car without switching off the car engine at the garage with the gate widely opened. He left behind his “passenger” who were mum long old friends first time vising Johor Bahru. He just sped off. His action was amusing and break Guinness world record.

Your uncle always loves to video shoot your action and buys you toys. Your aunt likes to observe your growth. You two elder aunties love to buy you clothes. Son, you are a blessed child. You were loved by all family members

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Now you start to walk around independently, we all feel relief and happy for you. You were petite when you were born. You have grown into a happy and cheeky baby. Let pray for your health. Remember we always love you. Not to forget to pray for your aunt to have a smooth delivery of your little cousin. MAY ALL BE WELL AND HAPPY.






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