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Mersing is Mr. Ang’s grandparent hometown. Now we will often go back Mersing to visit relatives. As a travel blogger like me, I will start to explore the hidden gem in Mersing. Since last year, Mr Ang and I have been driving around this place. We did not look up the internet for any information. In my opinion, it is more fun to explore the place like a local. This post is focusing on the natural scenery around Mersing.

1) Gunung Arong

Gunung Arong is one of the top 10 must hike hill in Malaysia. The beautiful south china sea can be viewed from the view point. As the hill is facing south china sea, hiker can often feel the breeze. To add on, it is very easy to hike.
Link: Hike Gunung Arong

2) Paddy Field in Air Papan

Paddy Field at Air Papan

Sekinchan is famous for it cast and boundless paddy field view. Mersing has its own paddy field too. The paddy field have a hill as the backdrop. We recently found out this beautiful paddy field. You can find this vast paddy field while on the way to Dataran Air Papan.

Google Map:

3) Dataran Air Papan

Dataran Air Papan
Dataran Air Papan

Air Papan beach is a long coast line facing South China Sea. Local like to picnic at this area. As the coastline is more than 1km, there are many resorts by the beach too.

Google Map:

4)Roller Skate at Dataran Endau

Dataran Endau
Dataran Endau

Dataran Endau is 34km from Mersing town. The journey took around 30 to 40 minutes. During night time, Dataran Endau is a great place to hang out. Local parent often bring their kids to play roller skate. The roller skate have led light on it. Parent can observe their kids in the big field. THe roller skate can be rent at RM5 per 30 minutes.

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