Interview with LEGO Designer, Mr. Mark John Stafford

5 things you do not know about Jurassic Park T Rex Dinosaur:

  • T Rex is the only dinosaur that appears in all the Jurassic Park movies series.
  • The current T Rex model is the biggest dinosaur set.
  • All the joint parts on T Rex are movable.
  • T Rex Model can stand on feet with great stability.
  • T Rex can move it’s tail too.
Jurassic Park T Rex Rampage

5 Things you do not know about Jurassic Park’s Iconic Gate

  • Frog DNA is used to fill up the ancient dinosaur DNA. There is a frog hidden in the model
  • The trigger-activated gate is framed by a wall incorporating 7 detailed, brick-built scenes inspired by the movie, such as John Hammond’s dining room, Ray Arnold’s control room and a bunker for Ian Malcolm.
  • The wall framing the gate features a buildable dinosaur nested with 2 cracked egg elements on top.
  • John Hammond, Ray Arnold and Dennis Nedry have been new mini figures since June 2019.
  • Accessory elements include John Hammond’s hat and cane as well as Alan Grant’s hat and dinosaur claw.
Mr. Mark John Stafford with Ms. LerLer Chan

Mr. Mark John Stafford, LEGO Designer

#1) What inspires Mr. Mark to become LEGO Designer?

 Mr. Mark is an avid Star War fan. He enjoys building LEGO set from scratches. When he has done with a model, he would dissemble and explore the different variations of the model. After he graduated with a Degree in Design, his girlfriend recommended him to work as a designer in LEGO Company. He had undergone 2 days interview with prototype introduction until he finally landed as LEGO designer.

#2) What is your advice for students who wish to become LEGO designer?

  • Just build it
  • Play with physical bricks to gain more sensory activities and creativity
  • Learn basic design skill
  • Learn AUTOCAT and MAYA software
  • Lean up 3D printing

#3) With reference to an article “Small Data for Big Benefit” which was published in Chip Malaysia magazine January 2019, what is ‘small data to design LEGO set’ as referred by Mr Mark?

Lego Group’s motto is ‘Only the best is good enough’. This motto was established by LEGO group’s late founder, Mr. Godtfred Kirk Christiansen. As LEGO designer, we take every feedback seriously. We will investigate and improve our product based on that feedback.

Only the best is good enough ~ LEGO founder, Mr. Godtfred Kirk Christiansen

Mr Mark Stafford with T Rex model
Mr Mark Stafford with T Rex model

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