Code without Barrier 2023 Johor Bahru

I had the chance to go to Code Without Barriers on  10 Jan 2023 (Tuesday) at Menara Cyberport in Johor Bahru. There were three educational sessions and presentations at the event covering many facets of the IT sector. One of the highlights of the event was the Microsoft representative (Ms. Le)’s presentation on the Power Platform, which gave insightful information about this platform’s potential and prospective IT applications.

Ms. Elizabeth, a different speaker, introduced the idea of Girls in Tech, which seeks to inspire and empower girls and women to pursue professions in the IT sector. This discussion was especially motivating since it emphasized how crucial it is to support and encourage women in the profession and the significant contributions they can make.

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I found that another speaker (Nur Arina)’s presentation on RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and digital transformation to be the most influential. The technology’s ability to automate monotonous and repetitive labour really astounded me. The speaker also covered how RPA and digital transformation may help businesses become more efficient, spend less money, and be more competitive.

The event provided a fantastic venue for networking with other IT industry experts. I got to interact with plenty of people who had comparable interests and I learned more about the business as a whole.

Overall, I learned so much by attending the program. It gave me a tonne of knowledge about the IT sector and the newest technologies. I was able to gain more knowledge about the potential of tools like RPA and Power Platform and how to use them to promote digital transformation. I was also motivated by the presentation on Girls in Tech, which emphasized the significance of empowering and aiding women in the industry. I had the chance to network with other professionals at the event, which was a useful experience. Anyone interested in the IT sector should definitely check out this event, in my opinion.

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