Meng Meng Roasted Duck 阿明皇帝鸭 @ JB City Square

14 Sept 2019 Want to enjoy roasted duck in Johor Bahru? The popular recommendation from Johorean will be Meng Meng Roasted Duck Restaurant (阿明皇帝鸭).  The chef uses the freshest and best ingredients to roast the duck. I prefer the roasted pork belly. The roasted pork belly has roasted till golden brown skin. One bite can … Read more

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Ho Seng Kee 何成记 Wantan Mee @ City Square, Johor Bahru

25 August 2015 My family and I were die hard fan of Ho Seng Kee Wantan mee shop. We almost cry out when we saw the old shop at Taman Century was gone. Luckily, my brother saw the restaurant relocate to City Square level. Thus, I brought my colleagues to try out the wantan mee. … Read more