Family’s Omicron Experience

5 Feb 2022 Saturday

Mr. Ang is entering Singapore soon. Father-in-law suggests having reunion dinner at the nearby restaurant. All family members are having the meal happily

6 Feb 2022 Sunday

I drop off Mr. Ang at customs. Then, I return home to take care of the kids. We did a covid self-test kit as per the school’s request. The result is negative

7 Feb 2022 Monday

Chen is very happy to go back to school. I drop off Yang at my parent’s house. I am having a slight sore throat. I do another round of the covid self-test kit. The result is negative. I left Yang with my parent for a night.

Around 9 pm, Chen’s temperature increased. We gave him some panadol to reduce his body temperature.

My sore throat is getting worse.

8 Feb 2022 Tuesday

At 3 am, Chen is not feeling very well. His body temperature increased to 39 Celcius.

At 4 am, Chen drinks more water.

At 5 am, Chen wakes up and vomits.

At 7 am, my sore throat is getting worse. I lose my voice. Mother-inlaw has a slight sore throat too.

At 7:30 am we informed the school of Chen’s absence.

At 8 am, we visit the clinic for a nasal swab test. Total bill

8:30 am, all results are positive. The doctor advises us to go to Bukit Indah public clinic for a PCR test. I informed the school of our condition.

11:00 am Chen’s classmates are requested to go home.

2 pm we go BP Lab for PCR test

4 pm different medicine and herbal tea are received from relatives and friends. I ordered TCM medicine for Chen. The medicine is RM50. Grab express is RM7.20

5 pm father-in-law return home to quarantine as his result is positive too

9 Feb 2022 Wednesday

PCR result return to be positive too. We just keep resting and keep hydrating. Chen just keep sleeping

10 Feb 2022 Thursday

The same routine of resting. My parent’s results are positive too. I bring Yang home to rest.

11 Feb 2022 Friday

We sanitize the house. Chen’s school conducted the online meeting to inform us of the latest progress and SOP.

I updated my daily health assessment result on the MySejahtera app. KKM still sends SMS and calls to remind me.

17 Feb 2022 Thursday

MySejahtera app is showing low-risk blue color. I brought Chen for a check-up. We have phlegm cough. The doctor prescribed some post-covid treatment medicine.

2 Mar 2022 Wednesday

We went for a second post-covid treatment as the cough was still persistent.


Mother in law (60+ years old)

  • 2 doses of Pfizer, 1 Pfizer booster
  • She keep drinking JingSi herbal tea
  • She get well after 3 days of drinking the tea
Image Credit: Google Image

LerLer Chan (34++ years old)

  • 2 doses of sinovac vaccine and 1 pfizer booster jab
  • I ate lotus medicine for 2 days as per prescribtion
  • I consume Jingsi Herbal tea too
Image Credit: CBC

Chen (4 ++ years old )

  • no vaccination
  • We bought medicine from Traditional CHinese Medicine clinic
  • Pakar Perubatan Cina Min Kang ( Min Kang traditional chinese medicine clinic) 39, Jalan Kebudayaan 2, Taman Universiti, 81300 Skudai
  • tel: +607-5208622
  • After consume the medicine for 3 days, Chen has recovered.

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