My Experience at Sharan Confinement Centre, Johor Bahru

When I was on week 8 of pregnancy, my mom found Sharan Confinement Center on Facebook. She recommended us to survey a few confinement centers before making any decision.  In the end, we decided to make the appointment with Sharan Confinement Center.

6 reasons we choose Sharan Confinement Center 中医式陪月中心?

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#1 Strategic Location

Sharan Confinement Center is just next to Taman Sri Orkid public clinic / Klinik kesihatan Taman Sri Orkid. When my son was detected with jaundice, I can just bring him to the clinic for the check-up. Clinic reserve a special privilege for baby with jaundice. When there were fewer patients, the nurse can review the jaundice level to me in 20 minutes.

Healthy meals
#2 6 Scrumptious Meals Per Day

I enjoy eating. The center provided 6 meals per day. Each meal was different. The chef seldom repeats the dishes. Please view the album at HERE.

Traditional Chinese Herbal Soup
#3 Traditional Chinese Herbal Soups per meal

I have no preference on the traditional Chinese herbal soup. However, my mother and mother-in-law trusted traditional Chinese medicine. It was so much natural than modern medication.

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#4 Free Traditional Chinese Medication (TCM) Treatments for Mommies

An experienced TCM doctor will give a free consultation on Friday evening. The list of consultation I received is as below.
7 April 2017 – It was the second day of my delivery. The doctor massaged my neck and pulled my spine. Instantly, my wound was less painful
14 April 2017 – Massage at neck and shoulder. Acupuncture on my right-hand wrists.
21 April 2017 – Massage at neck and shoulder.
28 April 2017 – High fever treatment
5 May 2017 – Massage at neck and shoulder

Clean room
#5 Professional Service with Reasonable Price $$

We paid RM6500++ for share room and all the services. There are 4 beds in one share room. I am ver lucky as no mother is sharing the room with me during my stay. In my opinion, it is a super big master bedroom. Price may subject to change.

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#6 One FREE Malay Traditional Postnatal Massage

Malay Traditional Postnatal Massage is very good for after birth mother. It helps mother to

  • eliminate extra wind in the body
  • push back the uterus into the right position
  • relax our muscle
  • boost breast milk supply
  • return to the previous body shape faster

I have 5 sessions of Malay Traditional Massage. My body weight dropped from 59kg to 48 kg. I can wear back all my previous clothes except bra. My boobs are now 34D. Previously is 34A.

Experience Sharing

Before my delivery date, I chatted with my friends. It was very true. After delivery, my physical and mental did have some changes. I kept having worry feeling. The worry thought can’t seem to stop. Luckily, there are many mothers in the center enjoy chatting. I felt better or released after chatting with other mothers. As a new mother, the support from confinement center and other mothers are very important.

I really enjoy my time at confinement center. My tasks are just sleeping, eating and expressing breast milk. All other chores are taken care by nannies. My qualities of sleep are ensured. If you are a new mother and wish to learn some techniques to take care newborn, I encourage you to try out confinement center. It may cut down the tension between you, newborn and mother-in-law.

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Facebook: Sharan Confinement Centre
Address: 19A, Jalan Sri Orkid 36, Taman Sri Orkid, 81300 Skudai, Johor
Google Map:
Contact number:
Dr. Sharan Go 吴医生 +6019-728-6462
Dr.  Chang 张医生 +6019-727-6462

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