Top 4 Breast Pump Trade in Stores in Malaysia

What is Breast Pump?

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Breast pump is a small device for extracting milk from a  mother’s breasts by suction.

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Are there many breast pump brand in Malaysia market?

Yes. Every year, there are new brands popping up in the market. Just like handbag, breast pump has “luxury brand” and normal brand. The famous luxury brand of breast pump  is Medela.

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Should I trade in my old breast pump?

I am very supportive of recycling or reduce waste. I do encourage mothers to trade in their breast pump. It is better than throwing it into the dustbin or collecting dust in one corner of the house. Unless, you have more creative way to use old breast pump. For example,

  • convert old breast pump into mini muscle massage machine
  • let your children open up and learn.


Where can I trade in my old breast pump in Malaysia?

#1 Fabulous Mom

breast pump trade in malaysia
Breast pump trade in program with Fabulous Mom

Fabulous Mom is a very helpful mum and baby shop. Their response rate on Facebook or Whatsapp are very quick. To add on, they provided a variety of breast pump brand for mothers to choose.  They provide walk-in and online trade in program.  If you are not in Selangor, you may try out their online trade in program.


#2 Little Whiz

Little Whiz trade in program
Little Whiz trade in program

Little Whiz provide a variety of breast pump product too. However, one must contact them for more detail. There are not much information on their website.


#3 Mums and Babes

Mums and Babes trade in for Medela breast pump
Mums and Babes trade in for Medela breast pump

Other than Medela breast pump or breast feeding accessories, other products are available for trade in too.


#4 Jumping Baby Jacks

Jumping baby jacks trade in program
Jumping baby jacks trade in program

Currently, you may trade in old breasts pump for Medela breast pump.



Hopefully this post can help new or experienced mother in getting new breast pump through trade in program.

This post is written on 7 Jan 2021.



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