9 May 2018, a day Malaysians should remember

9 May 2018, Wednesday

Image Credit: Free Malaysia Today

05:00am baby wake me up
07:00am breakfast with the family
07:45am drive to pooling station
08:30am queue up at channel ‘saluran’ for a number ticket
08:35am queue up for 1 hour ++. The aunty in front of me keeps analysing the political situation with me.
09:30am I exercised my right. My left index is inked.
10:00am depart to Singapore for the family gathering
02:00pm Mr Ang reach Johor Bahru. He rushs to his pooling station to vote.
05:00pm reach home
07:00pm watching General Election 14 news on TV. However, receive some disturbing news through Facebook.
10:00pm sleep with baby

10 May 2018, Thursday

Image Credit: The Star Online

04:00am baby wakeme up. My social media and Whatsapp are bombarded with good news.
06:00am no public holiday notice from office.
07:30am receive official email regarding holiday
10:00am waiting for new Prime Minister swearing in ceremony
11:00am Dato Najib Razak accepts people’s verdict.
03:00pm waiting by television for Dr M to swear in
09:00pm fell asleep while waitig
10:00pm finally see Dr M swears in as Malaysia’s 7th prime minister


I am not a good writer. I just want to record this day down as a Malaysian. To my beloved son, we voted. We make a change. I am uncertain about your future. I can only hope for the best.

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