Can Malaysian Returnee Quarantines in Hometown?

Recently, we met some friends who had emergency travelling cases. As Mr. Ang had the quarantine experience, we help them out as much as we could.

#1 Can Malaysian who return from oversea quarantines in hometown?

ONLY with certain conditions:

  • Family member who is critical ill
  • Funeral
  • Emergency case

You need to prepare the relevant supporting letter from doctor or hospital to appeal for quarantine in hometown

#2 What is the procedure to apply quarantine in hometown?

  1. You have met the condition stated in #1
  2. Request the relevant supporting letter from doctor or hospital. (If possible, try to print out before departing to Malaysia)
  3. Email to the relevant Ministry of Health (MOH) officers as the table below.
  4. Has swab test result in 24 hours at the authorized clinic.
  5. Buy one-way air ticket
  6. Fly back to Malaysia

What if

#1 IF I have emailed the relevant officer, no reply yet.

You may return to Malaysia first. When touch down in KLIA, please immediately appeal to MOH officer.

#2 IF I have granted to quarantine in hometown, do I need to arrange transportation?

NO. MOH will arrange the transportation for you. Certain fee is needed too. Appointed MOH officer will wear protective kit and drive you back to hometown / hospital / funeral parlor or quarantine center.

#3 Am I allowed to move freely in the hospital?

YES. You are allowed to visit your critical ill family member with the CLOSE SUPERVISION of MOH officer. The maximum hour of visitation is 2 hours. The visitation hour is depend on MOH approval.

#4 After visited my critical ill family member / attended funeral, can I quarantine at home?

NO. After the initial visitation duration, MOH officer will send you to the designated quarantine center in your hometown. However, it is all depend on MOH decision.

#5 I have vaccinated in oversea. Do I still need to quarantine after visited critical ill family member / attended funeral?

YES. You will still need to be quarantine. The quarantine duration will be depend by MOH announcement or approval.

#6 During quarantine period, my critical ill family member passed away. Can I attend the funeral?

It depends on cases. You are required to contact the respective MOH officer in the quarantine center or quarantine hotel.

#7 If I am allowed to attend the funeral on the 4th day of quarantine, do I need to continue the quarantine? I had vaccinated.

It depends on cases. Please get more information from the respective MOH officer in the quarantine center or quarantine hotel

Image Credit: Ministry of Health Malaysia and Malaysia Quarantine Support Group

Itinerary of visiting critical ill father


9:00 am Father had accident and admitted hospital. Mother contacted their son in oversea.

11:00am Doctor informed that father condition is not optimistic. Son searched online for the available flight.

2:00pm Doctor issued the relevant letter to son. Son went for swab test. Several emails was sent to the respective MOH and Immigration officer.

5:00pm Swab test result was collected.

10:00pm Flight departed to KLIA


6:00am Arrived at KLIA. Some payments were done over the counter.

7:00am MOH officer drove the son back to Johor Bahru. The officer was wearing a full suit of protective kit.

11:00am Son reached the hospital and visited father. MOH officer was supervising the son all the time.

1:00pm MOH officer send the son to quarantine hotel in Medini area.


5:00am Father passed away peacefully.


Image Credit: Ministry of Health Malaysia and Malaysia Quarantine Support Group

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