Asean Traveler with Air Asia in Philippines – Part 2

LerLer is early bird type of traveler. Around 4am, I wake up and feeling excited to go watch sun rise. I take out the map and look for the east. Canyon de Boracay is facing the west. Thus, it is a better place t view sun set.

Canyon de Boracay is voted as the best hotel on Trip Advisor 2015.
Morning stroke by the beach. The girl is practicing her violin. The violin sound and gentle wave sound is really beautiful and serene to listen. I can’t help standing near her for the wonderful music.
7am Boracay beach is very nice to walk around
Traditional Philippines style breakfast. BBQ pork, fried boneless fish and scrambled egg. The boneless fish has many fish bones in it……
Time for some activities on the sea. The boat guy used a long bamboo to push the boat away from the shore.
I didn’t manage to capture photos. As the sea was quite rough, I didn’t dare to take out my camera.
After snorkelling activities, time for bungee reverse jump. While the staffs were preparing for the game, the tourists stood nearby to watch us. Gulp….
30 seconds to go……….. My heart were pumping very hard
Steady as ever after the game.
Time for some shopping at D*Mall before head to Kalibo Airport
Treat myself a beer to cool down from the heat.
Tapasilog (BBQ chicken) for lunch. The portion was very big for me

Goodbye Boracay. Time to explore Manila.

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