2 Days 1 Night Malacca Itinerary 2015

Mr. Ang and LerLer are impromptu travelers. We just hop on the car and drive to Melacca during Hari Raya public holiday. Hari Raya holiday is a very big festival in Malaysia. Melacca is one of the UNESCO heritage location in Malaysia. During our 2 days trip, the crowd is imaginable large. I would like to use a Chinese proverb to describe the scene. People mountain people sea. We don’t really do any research before hand. I just occasionally ask the local on food and accommodation. Thus, our simple 2 days 1 night Melacca Itinerary is as below.


17 July 2015, Friday

02:00pm Departed to Melacca
04:30pm Reach Melacca town
05:00pm Stuck in traffic jam. LerLer keep calling around for a hotel room. Mr. Ang is looking out for food.
05:30pm Late tea break at Nadeje cafe
06:00pm Check in M Hotel
07:30pm Depart to Jonker street
07:45pm Walk around Jonker Street
08:30pm Dinner at Jonker88 Restaurant
09:30pm Have 2 cold drinks
09:45pm Walk around riverside
10:30pm Walk around Taming Sari Tower
11:30pm Rest


18 July 2015, Saturday

09:30am Breakfast at M Hotel
10:00am Breakfast at San Po temple, Bukit China
10:45am Visit San Po Temple, Bukit China
12:00pm Check out M Hotel
12:30pm Walk around Jonker Street and Tun Tan Cheng Lock Street
03:00pm Reach Taman Melaka Raya for Amy Nyonya Heritage
03:30pm Late lunch at EE Jiban Chicken Rice shop
05:00pm Visit Portuguese Village
06:00pm Depart to Johor Bahru
08:30pm Reach Johor Bahru


Tea Break at Nadeje
M Hotel Deluxe Room
Heritage fee
Dinner at Jonker 88
Washroom(30 cents per entry)
Coconut shake
Ai Yu Bing drink
Wanton noodle
Dessert at Jonnker street
Lunch at Ee Ji Ban chicken rice
Dinner at Restoran Khi Ten, JB
Toll fee

TOTAL expenses RM368.75

Google Map: #LerTravel Melacca Itinerary 2015

[pageview url=”https://www.google.com/maps/d/embed?mid=z-NCLF6l3qdk.kbuAfA_OvXQw” height=”480px” border=”yes’]

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