How to Setup Quivr on Windows 11


Quivr is a cloud-based platform that acts as a second brain. It is designed to store and retrieve unstructured information with remarkable speed and efficiency. Quivr can handle almost any type of data you throw at it, including text, images, and code snippets. It is powered by generative AI which enables it to automatically organize and categorize any information uploaded to the system. Quivr is an open-source project developed by Stan Girard . It is designed to be fast, efficient, and secure, ensuring rapid access to your data. Quivr is your second brain in the cloud, designed to easily store and retrieve unstructured information.


Procedures to install

as stated on Github project page

Video References

I followed YouTube videos to set up:

How do I solve the issues:

#1 get the correct API key

There are quite some API keys need to retrieve. For example: Supabase and OpenAI Platform. Must be very careful to set up the API

#2 Stable Internet

Due to certain network security policy, I cant set up or run the QuiVR in the campus. I need to do it at home

Set up Chronology

16 Sept 2023 – watch the great project from Andy Stapleton
18 Sept 2023 – Open the code with the help of GitHub Desktop. Install Docker, set up Supabase, set up environment.
19 Sept 2023 – 3am try to rerun the code with home WIFI. It finally compose complete
20 Sept 2023 – API error issue. Still solving
2 Oct 2023 – Redownload from GitHub. Try to set up again.

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