6 Reasons I Move from Blogger to WordPress

Image Credit: www.seokriter.com
Image Credit: www.seokriter.com

On 24 February 2015, My Ler Travel Diary blog spot was blocked by Google. The warning letter I received from Google has sadden me for weeks. As a strong lady, I decided to find other alternative solutions. Thus, I move on to my own domain, web hosting and WordPress.  Why I move from Blogger to WordPress?

#1  Google’s New Term of Services

Let use a Malaysia common scenario to explain this term.

After a student graduate, he/ she often will rent a room for career option. In this case, Google is the whole apartment owner. Google give the student a free room to use. The word FREE is an exciting and lucrative term for the graduate. Without further research, graduate just move into the room. As he stay in that room. Google slowly add up some rules and regulations. Some rules are beneficial for the public. However, some rules are for the benefits of Google.

Safe Browsing by Google
Safe Browsing by Google

In my case, one of the items went wrong. It caused Google to block me from enter my room. I am able to enter the room with the supervision of Google. Although I took 3 hours to clear off the item, Google need 24 days to review my room.

Next question.

Why Google took so long to review their in house product?

  • Auto robot is used to survey each websites.
  • The algorithm will calculate the duration based on the timing you place the item
  • Detail will be discussed in next post.

Due to this incident, my web traffic is similar to jump off the cliff.  I was so unhappy for waiting the warning clearance.

#2 Freedom to Explore Plugin or Widgets

Blogger and WordPress both have a lot of plugins and widgets. I have been explore Blogger related widgets and code for 5 years. It is time to expand my knowledge in SEO and SEM with WordPress. Do you know TripAdvisor and CNN use WordPress as their platform too? May be I can create my widget or plugin in the future?

#3 Turn Your Passion into Profit

Image Credit: www.elisagaines.com
Image Credit: www.elisagaines.com

I have been blogging since 2009. As I travel, I wrote down my experience to share. Malaysians love their food. I also record down food places. Thus, My family members and friends can refer as a directory. This passion is slowly recognized  by my readers. Some of my readers are food and beverage owner. I do food review too. However, I am a honest and strict person. I do not write any post if it doesn’t meet my standard. In the end, I believe that it is time for me to turn my passion into profit. Don’t you agree?

#4 Explore Search Engine Optimization (Not just Google)

Image Credit: www.value2020.wordpress.com
Image Credit: www.value2020.wordpress.com

Google is still the most popular and famous search engine in the world. However, there are another search companies  in the market too. For example: Youtube, Bing search and Baidu search. Curiosity kill a cat. I wish to expand my Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) knowledge to all aspects.

#5 Reach More for More Audience

Do you know in certain countries blog spot service is blocked? For example, China. China has the largest population in the world. Most of the population in China speak mandarin.

Question: Ler Travel Diary is written in English. Do you think your blog can reach China market?

Image Credit: iphoneincanada.ca

Answer: Why just look at China market? My goal is the world.  I do  not have the exact answer yet. I do read, speak and write in China. Frankly speaking, certain feeling is easier to write in Chinese. However, Google do not cater for specific Chinese word search optimization.

#6 Move on to Next Level

ServerFreak Premium Hosting Solutions
ServerFreak Premium Hosting Solutions

I chatted with a few experts on HackerspaceJB and StartupJohor. They have many years of experience in web hosting and IT industry. 80% of them suggested me to have my own domain. Google platform is a great place to kick start a project. However, I still need to be independent as I move on. Thus, I decided to get a domain name and web hosting plan with Server Freak.


In conclusion, I am on my next journey to “growth hacking” my content. Google is still the “GURU” for me. I will not forget the lesson I learn from Blogspot. Stay tune for my  IT related post on weekend. Share with me your thoughts on blogger or WordPress.


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5 thoughts on “6 Reasons I Move from Blogger to WordPress”

  1. I was struggling whether to migrate my whole blog to wordpress when I decided to get my own domain. But from what I know, free wordpress has limited functions unless it is self hosted and it seems like self hosted WP is not easy that’s why I stick to blogspot… >_<

  2. In my opinion, you can start from wordpress.com or blogspot first. It will help you to build up portfolio. It will be easier to approach other content website for paid job later.


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