GoWellSpring, Healthy Food Delivery in Johor Bahru

When I was studied 2nd year in Sarawak, I had an ankle surgery. After the surgery, I didn’t eat well and rest enough. I was admitted hospital again, 4 days after surgery. That made me realize the important of having healthy meal for recovery. Introducing Go-WellSpring to people need special diet.

Go-WellSpring, Nutri Food for Home Delivery

GoWellSpring (GWS) have professional team consists of medical doctor, dietitian, TCM (traditional Chinese Medication) Physician which work together with experienced chefs to design the food menu suitable for users. With these healthy food, users can achieve their health goals.

GoWellSpring provide 3 types of meal delivery.

Confinement Diet

Confinement Meal
Confinement Meal

Confinement Diet - Lunch & Dinner package

28 daysRM2,650**
14 daysRM1,330**
7 daysRM680**
1 day trialRM100**
It is uniquely combining the oriental herb with variety international ranges of main dishes. It is also calibrated for its total calorie to meet the calorie requirement for postnatal mother. PS: the portion is just enough to avoid gaining extra weight.

Recovery Diet

Recovery Diet
Recovery Diet

Recovery Diet- Lunch & Dinner Package

14 daysRM650**
7 daysRM330**
5 dayRM250**
1 day trial RM50**
Recovery diet offering support to individual with certain medical conditions. Most people in this segment often are wondering at home without good food options. The service include nutritional counseling, monitoring and customized meal plan by dietitian. These diets include low-sodium, low far, diabetic friendly, low -calorie, gluten-restricted, low-acid and others.

Healthy Reset Diet

Healthy Reset Diet
Healthy Reset Diet

Healthy Fitness Diet

Type of PackageDescription
Herbal soup with health benefitsspecialized nutritious soup designed by dietitian and TCM practitioner
Healthy Combo Mealfor those who are craving for healthy and clean food
Fit-Fit diet (Low carbs / Keto diet)designed to support those who are trying to lose weight healthy without losing essential nutrients
Healthy Reset Diet is crafted specially to give people a healthy and nutritious diet calibrated for its calories, portion and other nutrients. The meal starts at RM21.80**

** Not inclusive of delivery charge

How to order?

1) Website: www.go-wellspring.com
2) Direct hotline: +6011-16804480 or +601116185006
3) GalaEats platform

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