Wealth Strategic Conference 2021 by Master Louis Loh

Who is Master Louis Loh?

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Master Louis Loh

Master Louis Loh is a Malaysian Feng Shui Consultant. For more information, please visit FB: Master Louis Loh
Every year around January or February, his company, Fengshui Republic will host wealth strategic conference.

What is Wealth Strategic Conference

Wealth Strategic Conference is known as 财富与风水大会 in Chinese。 Mr. Ang and I started joining the annual conference since year 2018. We were given free event ticket by a foreign bank. We were overwhelmed by his Fengshui and motivation talk. Master was very knowledgeable in his field. Based on his explanation, Fengshui is inherited from YiJing 易经. There were around 37 sects in Fengshui. Several reasons that we are attending his annual conference are:

  • Global financial trend was analyzed from different sect of Fengshui
  • National luck / destiny / fate was predicted from different perspective
  • Stock market trend (element based) was predicted from monthly perspective
  • Bazi analysis 八字解说
  • Qimen analysis 奇门遁甲
  • Industry trend analysis based on World Economic Forum (WEF)

Usually his conference will sell different Fengshui lessons or products too. However, it is really depend on Invidia interest in joining his company’s lesson. We are attracted to learn his presentation skill and sale technique. He usually used some Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) technique as sale talk tool.

Credit: Fengshui republic

Wealth Strategic Conference 2021

Date: 23 – 24 January 2021 (Saturday and Sunday)
Mode: Online
Platform: Zoom
Ticket price: RM154 (Buy 2 free 1) on 2 Nov 2020

Conference in year 2021 is indeed very unique. The conference is hosted online via zoom link.

Summary of Motivation Talk during Conference 2021

Top 10 industries replaced by IT

  1. admin & executive secretary
  2. accounting, bookkeeping, payroll
  3. general & operations managers
  4. client information & data entry clerk
  5. accounting  & auditing
  6. business services & admin managers
  7. material recoding
  8. mechanic & machine repair
  9. didn’t mange to note taking
  10. didn’t manage to note taking

Credit: akindo

Top 10 future career trend

  1. data analysts / data scientist
  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machines Learning (ML)
  3. Big data specialist
  4. digital marketing & strategist
  5. process automation specialist
  6. IoT specialist
  7. digital transformation specialist
  8. information security analysis
  9. software & application developers
  10. business process specialist

Top 10 techniques to increase wealth in year 2021

  1. Digital marketing – how to use data to predict / make decision
  2. Branding strategy  – value branding
  3. New investment tactics – how to make your current career more professional / bring oversea business model to Malaysia
  4. Content strategy – beyond expectation
  5. New marketing strategy – gamification marketing
  6. E-Commerce platform – EG: carlist.com / thelorry.com
  7. Sharing economy – year 2022 / 2023 tourism industry will be good
  8. Modern education – EG: teach silver group in Ewallet
  9. UI/ UX design  – user experience is more important
  10. presentation skill

Top 5 Things to do in Year 2021

  1. saving / financial backup
  2. change
  3. new technique / soft skill
  4. accept new changes / new normal
  5. flexible changes / fast response

Top 10 successful soft skills required in year 2021

  1. flexibility / resilience
  2. communication / interpersonal skill
  3. team work
  4. prioritization
  5. empathy
  6. approachability
  7. creativity
  8. problem solving
  9. curiosity
  10. patience
Image by Luisella Planeta Leoni from Pixabay

How to stay positive  / best in year 2021

  1. cleaning one self
  2. new knowledge / technique
  3. new goal

The Fastest Growing Industries Based on Qimen Nine Stars 九星

  1. 天蓬:  Software development – Yang, water
  2. 天任: Blockchain –  Ying, wood
  3. 天冲:  Digital marketing – Yang, wood
  4. 天辅: Copywriting – Ying, fire
  5. 天英: Branding – Yang, fire
  6. 天芮: Content strategy / education – Ying, metal
  7. 天柱: Convincing sales – Ying, metal
  8. 天心: Big data / data management – Yang, water
  9. 天禽: Online entertainment  – Yang / Ying, earth 

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