6 Free Resources to Help You Streamline Your Literature Review

An important part of every research project, a literature review is often a difficult and time-consuming process. Several helpful free resources exist to shorten the time it takes to do a literature review, which is great news for researchers. We’ve compiled a list of 6 excellent resources that can make your life easier during the literature review process: Open Knowledge Maps, Research Rabbit AI, Litmaps.co, Carrot2, SciSpace copilot and Inciteful XYZ. One of my favourites among these is called Research Rabbit AI. What follows is a deep dive into the capabilities and advantages of each tool.

1) Open Knowledge Maps

Open Knowledge Maps – A visual interface to the world’s scientific knowledge

Open Knowledge Maps (openknowledgemaps.org) is a cutting-edge application that employs knowledge maps to represent the results of previous studies. It takes data from a huge database of academic papers and displays it in an easy-to-understand visual style. Quickly navigating between diverse study subjects, concepts, and publications is now possible using Open Knowledge Maps. By giving you an overview of the field, this tool can help you conduct a more thorough literature study.

2) Research Rabbit AI

Research Rabbit (researchrabbitapp.com)

Research Rabbit AI (researchrabbit.ai) is an all-encompassing platform that aims to streamline the time-consuming task of reviewing the relevant literature. It makes use of AI to facilitate the process of locating, cataloguing, and analysing pertinent scholarly literature. Automated searches across different databases, article summaries, and reference management are just some of the perks of using Research Rabbit AI. There are also tools for teamwork, so researchers can pool their efforts on a literature study. By automating a number of mundane yet time-consuming processes, Research Rabbit AI helps researchers save time and increase output.

3) Litmaps.co


To create visual maps of the literature, academics might use the website Litmaps.co. Litmaps.co allows users to create an interactive map showing the connections between various research papers and concepts by entering relevant keywords. Researchers can use this methodical approach to survey the available literature, spot areas of ignorance, and track down seminal texts. Researchers who would benefit from a pictorial representation of the literature in their discipline may find Litmaps.co invaluable.

4) Carrot2

Carrot2 search results clustering engine

To organise search results by topic, try out Carrot2 (carrot2.org), an open-source search clustering engine. It uses complex algorithms to classify search results into meaningful groups, making it easier for researchers to zero in on pertinent articles and subjects. By organising search results and providing convenient navigation, Carrot2 saves researchers valuable time. Your literature study will be more efficient whether you use it in tandem with your preferred search engine or as a stand-alone application.

5) SciSpce Copilot

Discover, Create, and Publish your research paper | SciSpace by Typeset

You may manage and organise your research work more effectively with the help of SciSpace Copilot, a state-of-the-art programme developed with research assistants in mind. Keeping up with the literature in your subject, working with other researchers, and organising your references are all made much simpler with SciSpace Copilot. Its user-friendliness and robust search features make it an indispensable tool for any research assistant, cutting down on time and effort spent sifting through the ocean of scholarly literature. Put an end to time-consuming, inefficient, and error-prone manual processes by switching to SciSpace Copilot.

6) Inciteful XYZ

Using Citations to Explore Academic Literature | Inciteful.xyz

Inciteful XYZ (inciteful.xyz) is an online tool that offers useful visualisations of current trends in scholarly research. It does this by parsing metadata from academic papers to create dynamic visualisations that expose relationships, synergies, and impacts in a certain field of study. Inciteful XYZ helps scholars see the big picture in the literature, zero in on key players like authors and journals, and monitor shifts in the field over time. Using this resource, researchers can streamline their literature reviews and make more informed choices.

To sum up, researchers need to streamline the literature review process so that they can effectively navigate the large sea of scholarly publications. Free resources like Open Knowledge Maps, Research Rabbit AI, Litmaps.co, Carrot2, SCiSpace Copilot and Inciteful XYZ can help you speed up and improve the quality of your literature study in a variety of ways. These technologies can help you conduct a more efficient and well-informed literature review in a variety of ways, such as through the use of visual maps, AI-powered automation, search result grouping, or informative data visualisations. Try out a few different methods to find the one that works best for your study!

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