Frankly speaking, I give up on requesting Mr. Ang to give me a wedding proposal. Let me use some analytic ways to explain my engineer boyfriend.

  • Walking Calculator
    He calculate faster than me. This is great. If I go shopping, I see a discount poster over some fruit. I can just ask him.
    dear, How much will the apple cost after 10% discount? He can instantly answer me back. If the value is too big, he can press his hand phone calculator faster than I do
  • Money Saver
    This is how our conversation go. “You know there will be year end sale on jewellery. Let go and survey some ring” At first, I didn’t really get his meaning. My focus was on the “SALE” world. That is why we bought our ring before GST.

On 17 May 2015,  event that I never expected did happen.

Changi beach view

Changi beach view

I am early bird person. Since we are at Changi Beach area, how can I resist a morning walk. I drag Mr. Ang out of bed for morning exercise. It is a very peaceful and serene place. There are not much people by the beach.

LerLer was playing plank on the corridor

LerLer was playing plank on the corridor

I was very playful. I couldn’t help posting different style to have fun. There were no one around this area.
As the weather began to get hotter, we slowly walked back to our accommodation. Mr. Ang stopped by a wall of flower.

Ang: Hi, I think I want to pick some flowers.
Ler: huh? (I didn’t stop him as there are many flowers.)

I was just wondering slowly by the beach.

As he walked up to me, he pulled up a gift from his pocket. His right hand held a small yellow flower. A beautiful wrapped gift was on his left hand.

Ang: LerLer… Marry me?

I was stunned like vegetable. My mind went blank. After months of hints, I finally get a wedding proposal. The feeling at that moment was so complicated. I felt like crying for no reason. I was excited at the same time. My mind was running wild. My speech ability was numb at that moment.

I wasn’t sure how long I was in stun state. Mr. Ang saw no action from me. He started to open up the gift.  Then, I recollected my conscious.

LerLer:   Can I take a photo of this moment?
Ang: No need to take photo lah…..

Then, he pulled out a meteor necklace from the box. I didn’t even see the necklace properly as I was still in confused status. Then, he helped me to wear it. I wasn’t a girl who always in this kind of state. My heart was beating very fast. I can’t help smiling. Yet, I just can’t answer his question.

As I was in petrified state, Mr. Ang held my hand and walk back. I remember that he asking me softly for answer. I just not too sure what to answer.

Mr. Ang was writing the question again.

Mr. Ang was writing the question again.

When we reach hotel, Mr. Ang wrote the question on the blue card

This is how I answer him

My answer was written on the small blue card. He picked the flower for me.

I wrote back “Yes, I do”


That is our simple wedding proposal. A little ceremony between us by the peaceful beach. >.<

by LerLer Chan lerlerchan

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