Bride-to-be is always excited and anxious to find the fabulous wedding dress for her big day. There are so many blog and magazine give guides and tips for choosing the right wedding gown. However, this doesn’t help LerLer. LerLer is a travel blogger by nature. My closet is full with t-shirt and pants. Skirt and dress are considered new terms for me.  Wedding dress is alien to me.

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In order to make my pre-wedding photo shoot more memorable. I decided to invite Eryn Ong, fashionista from to help me to do wedding dress shopping. I have a great date at the bridal house with Eryn Ong. Therefore, these are the 5 reasons you should get a fashionista friend to find wedding dress together.

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1) Fashionista Knows Your Character and Style Better than Others

Eryn and I have been friends for a few years. She understand my like and dislike better. Sometime, I didn’t even know what kind of clothes suitable for me. She understands my style better than me. She can suggest the right dress to the dresser for me to try out.

Eryn Ong, fashionista of helps LerLer to find the suitable wedding dress

Eryn Ong, fashionista of helps LerLer to find the suitable wedding dress

2) Fashionista has the observance eye

Fashionista is very detail with every fashion piece. She will take a piece of the dress and observe the sewing. Each piece of lace or little shiny bead are will not escape her gaze. While, I am testing out wedding dress. She will help to check the collection to find the other suitable dress I should try.

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3) Fashionista Give You Constructive Feedback

Eryn helps me to take photos with every dress I wore. After the dress testing session, she compares the different pieces for me. Comparison of each dress let me understand the style most suitable for me. This feedback really help me a lot in making decision.

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4) Fashionista is Able to Communicate with Dresser

I went totally blank when I was with the dresser. I not sure where should I start first. Luckily, Eryn reminded me on the wedding poses I collected. By showing some example, the dresser is able to pick out the similar dresses for me to test out. During the session, Eryn and dresser are able to chat and find out different style that suit me.

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5) Give Your Groom a Surprise

Boys have their own interests too. Shopping or dress testing may not be their favourite things. Why not surprise him then? I get this inspiration from the BuzzFeed. I love to see the surprise or shocking face of Mr. Ang when I stood in front of him. Or maybe he will still maintain his poker face when he see me in wedding dress. There sure has something interesting to look forward on our pre-wedding shoot day.

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Finally, thank you Eryn Ong and Tiffany, dresser from Catalog Vision Studio for helping me on choosing and trying out wedding dresses. Stay tuned for Mr. Ang facial expression. Hmmm I really look forward for Mr. Ang shocking face.

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