Registration of Marriage (ROM) COMPULSORY for non-Muslim Malaysian. This statement was written quite big on National Registration Malaysia website.


I am officially off the market. #aillis

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Mr. Ang and I felt that it was time for us to settle down. Frankly speaking, we have been discussing for months before he even give me a proper wedding proposal. My friends and some relatives were quite surprise. The most memorable shocking expression was from my “twin” friend, Tyng.

I called her 2 weeks before my ROM. She was so freak out when the news broken on her. She couldn’t believe that I settled with Mr. Ang in just less than 1 year. Practically, we settled down after 10 months of in relationship. She was more surprised that both families have met up and discussion on the ROM.

The conversation
Tyng: OMG Why? I can’t believe (She kept mumbling)
Ler: Yup. It is the truth. Please calm down.
Tyng: When did he propose? Where is the video?
Ler: Erm. He didn’t really propose. We just sort of discuss and come to the conclusion.
Tyng: Aiyo can not loh. Wedding proposal is a life time thing. How can he don’t propose?
Ler: It is okay. I just accept the fact.
Tyng: Did you give him hint?
Ler: Yes, I did. I used all kind of hints. Some of my friends even mentioned it in front of Mr. Ang.
Tyng: Aiyo can not lah. Why you get married without a proposal? Come give me his telephone number. I help you
Ler: Wah you don’t kacau (disturb) him

We are posing on solemnization day We are posing on solemnization day

We are posing on solemnization day

Luckily, he did proposed before our solemnization of marriage. Let go back to the ROM procedure.

On 19 April 2015 (Sunday), Mr. Ang and I made a trip to the only registration of marriage office in Johor Bahru. It is located at Setia Tropical.

Required documents for Malaysians:

  • Form JPN KC02 that is completed
  • My Kad
  • One (1) Colour passport-sized photograph per applicant
  • Registration fee of RM20.00
  • Commission of oath RM4.00

*Tips for ROM

  • Please take note that there are many runners around this office area. We were not aware of form completer. The form can be easily filled by us. However, the runner informed us the wrong news. In the end, we need to pay RM35.00 for the unnecessary procedure fee.
  • If you wish to have the solemnization ceremony at Setia Tropical office, please make appointment 2 weeks before the date. The solemnization room only operate on Monday to Wednesday. The solemnization fee is RM30.
  • Currently, there is only one legal commission of oath officer is working near Setia Tropical government office. He only work from 8am to 12noon.

Jabatan  Pendaftaran Negara, Cawangan Johor
Block 2, Kompleks Kementerian Dalam Negeri,
Taman Setia Tropika,
81200 Kempas,
Tel: +607-234 1690

Skudai Tian Hou Kiong

Skudai Tian Hou Kiong

We decided to have our solemnization ceremony at  Tian Hou Gong, Skudai. The temple has a very traditional Chinese style of garden.

The  solemnization fee at Tian Hou Gong,  Skudai
Sunday to Wednesday is RM80
Thursday and Friday is RM200

Different places have different rates. Please do your research before solemnization.

Skudai Tien Hiew Kiong
Lot 1919, Jalan Bujuk,
Kampung Baru,
81300 Skudai
Tel: 017-785 4354

Story to be continued on the preparation of solemnization of marriage.

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