Philips lifestyle store is in Sutera Mall, Johor Bahu.

Philips Brand store is in Sutera Mall, Johor Bahu.

The Philips Brand Store is the second store in Malaysia.  Why Philips need to set up its brand store? I think the best answer is from my beloved mother – a Philips brand loyalty .

List of Philips brand electronic appliances in my house.

List of Philips brand electronic appliances in my house.

My mother trusts Philips brand very much.   Here is the list of items in my house.

  • Sandwich maker
  • Blender
  • Fruit juice maker
  • Hair straighter ( My sister bought it 10 years ago)
  • Light green hair dryer (My sister bought it 10 years ago)
  • Dark green hair dryer (My mother bought it 30 years ago. It is still functioning very well)
  • High-pressure cooker (We are still learning to use it)

All these items she bought from various point of sales, either in hypermarkets (E.G. JUSCO or Giant) or electrical shops along five-foot way. Just like any other shopper for household electrical appliances, there are more than a hundred, both local and foreign brands in the above-mentioned point of sales.

The employee was explaining high pressure cooker usage and information to my mother

The employee was explaining high-pressure cooker usage and information to my mother


I followed a few trips with her to shop for the above items. I noticed she would ignore any sale promoters of other brands who kept pursuing her to buy their brands. She also not tempted by any free gifts or promotional prices of similar item offered by other brands. She would just walk to Philips? I wonder why?
These are her answers:
She knew the ‘history of Philips”. Philips is one of the earliest or pioneer brands of consumer electrical appliances, founded more than 125 years ago by Dutch. Laymen like her used the term as ‘Continental brands’ with brand image of trustworthy, reliable, safety, and practicality. Most importantly, all Philips items are easy to wash after used. She just washes and rinse with running water, with little brushing, later air dry them and put back to the shelf.

Philips LifeStyle Store display area.

Philips Brand Store display area.


Her first 30 years old hairdryer is very handy, safe and convenient to use. Similarly with her fruit juicers, blender and sandwich-maker which are her helping maid in the kitchen. She prepares fresh fruit and vegetable juices and sandwiches most of the morning before she goes to work. The fine, pure juices extract from Philips keep our family members healthy. As we love spicy food, she would use the blender to grind chilies paste and other spices ingredients for chicken curry, she also blends barley grain after boiling barley water for us. She always says, “Without all these Philips helpers. We won’t have any healthy home cook food.

Without all these Philips helpers, We won’t have any healthy home cook food.”

It has never crossed our mind that there would be a specialist Philips Brand Store in Sutera Mall. To us, specialist store only refers to branded upmarket fashion products like Louis Vuitton where there are retail associates who give personalise services to customers by sharing story line behind each of their products.

Baby related products from Philips.

Baby related products from Philips.

It is indeed very resourceful for both of us after our first visit to this very Special- ALL PHILIPS Products”. Wow~ more handy – Philips air fryer, Philips slow- grind juicers, induction to vacuum  cleaners,baby item and etc. So, next time, you can stop by this store for better understanding on Philips products.


Philips Brand Store
Lot L3-273 & 274 (next to Takashima store),
Sutera Mall,
Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/4,
Taman Sutera Utama,
81300 Skudai,

Operating Hour:
Monday – Sunday
10:30am – 10:30pm

Google Map:


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