My beloved sister and friends are going to deliver their first baby soon. It is a good time as LAZADA BIG BABY FAIR COMING SOON.

The Big Baby Fair sale, from March 28th to April 1st, with exclusive deals and discounts up to 80% off a wide range of the latest baby products.

The Big Baby Fair will include a wide variety of baby products from 19 international baby care brands.

Diaper Brands

  • Drypers
  • Petpet
  • MamyPoko
  • Goon
  • Huggies
  • Genki

Formula Milk Brands

  • Anmum
  • Friso Gold
  • Dutch Lady
  • Pediasure
  • Mamil Gold
  • Nan
  • Lactokid

Worry free. All formula milks are sourced by the official and authorised suppliers.

Baby Accessories

  • Sweet Cherry
  • Sweet Heart Paris
  • Fisher Price

Bottle Accessories

  • Philips Avent


  • Free shipping fee during the campaign. It definitely saves up my petrol fee
  • combo deals, vouchers for you to grab
  • Need some rating before buying. DONT worry, just check out maternity guide

Here are my personal suggestions (after using on baby Chen) on the brand you may considered.

Suggestion List for New Born

#1: PetPet NewBorn Diaper

New Born tend to poop a lot. Baby Chen pees and poops 8 to 10 times a day. As he was fully breastfeed baby, he will poop after a drink. PetPet Diaper is very comfort for newborn fragile and delicate skin. As my baby is very small in size, PetPer Diaper can wrapped nicely on his butt. The mot important thing is PetPet newbor diaper is among the cheapest brand.

#2: Pigeon Teat

Baby Chen is in the incubator for 3 days. He was first fed with cup by nurse. He started to drink from bottle since 4 days. Thus, he developed nipple confusion.

What is nipple confusion?
Nipple confusion may happen when a baby has learned to suck on bottle and then struggles to adjust to sucking from a breast. (Baby Center UK, 2017)

We started to use pigeon teat to help him learn up sucking on my breast. It was good for 2 weeks. Then, he started having colic problem.

#3: Tommee Tippee

We were introduced Tommee Tippee bottle from nannies. The design of the teat is super soft. The teat is designed with mother’s nipple shape. Thus, the teat is softer than other brand.

Suggestion List for Baby

#1: Goon Diaper

Is it it cute to see cartoon on diaper?

Goon diaper – Doeramon series is very cute. The word “BACK” is very big. it is very easy for us to identify and wear it up.

#2: Huggies Diaper

Huggies Dry Pants is my night saver. Baby Chen can wear it during night time without changing it. The dry and comfort and long hour absorption design just save my trouble to wake up at night.

#3:MAM Anti colic bottles

MAM is popular due to its bottle design. Mum can easily open up the bottle and clean it thoroughly. The bottom of the bottle can easily open and wash. The teat is relatively flat in design. At first, Baby Chen has a difficulty to adjust to flat teat. However, his colic problem gradually reduced. Now he developed teeth, he just enjoy biting on the teat.

Note: Each baby my need different bottle teat or diaper. This is just a sharing from my experience.

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