What is Baby Bag?

Image Credit: Bundle Bag

Image Credit: Bundle Bag

Baby Bag / Maternity bag/ Hospital Bag is a bag for pregnant lady to prepare when a new born is coming to the world soon. Malaysian mothers have a few options to give birth. Mother can choose either give birth in public hospital or private clinic/ hospital. After a survey with public hospital a few private maternity clinic in Johor Bahru, mother need to prepare herown baby bag.

Baby Bag Checklist

For Mother

No. Item Description Remark
1. Sock To protect feet from coldness I took clean and old socks from home. Even if I lost it, I don’t feel so hurt
2. Sarong Sarong is easy to wear and walk around after giving birth Previously, I bought in Sarawak. Some sarong are given by my mother
3. Loose Shirt Easy to wear Mostly I wear my husband old T-shirt. My husband and I are petite size. So we can share T-Shirt
4. Bra / Undergarment / Disposable Panties To cover intimate body portion
5. Face towel For wiping and cleaning purpose
6. Jacket/ Hoodie To prevent coldness
7. Disposable Maternity Pad To absorb blood You may use night-use sanitary pad too.
8. Handphone charger / Power bank / Handphone cable To charge smart phone
9. Magazine / Book For leisure purpose
10. Belly Wrap To help mother to get back into body shape


For Baby

No. Item Description Remark
1. New born outfits For baby to wear Around 3 sets
2. New Born Disposable Diaper For baby to wear Baby expo do sell diaper at very cheap price. I bought mummy poko brand
3. Blankets/ Towels To prevent coldness gift from relatives
4. Baby wipes To wipe baby’s bottom I bought during Watson’s sale day
5. Mitten & Bootees Not too sure the reason.

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