Giving Birth during MCO 2021

Around April 2021, I gave birth to my second son. Now only I have time to write out the experience

5 April 2021, Monday

I experienced contraction around week 35. First thought was “oh no not again”. I gave birth to my first child at week 35. He was so small and tiny that time. This time round, I followed doctor’s advice. I ate caspirin to increase foetus’s weight.

I was rushed to private clinic for consultation. Dr. Goh examined and advised me to take two dose of DEXA. First dose at 9am. Second dose at 9pm. DEXA dose is to let lung mature in short period time in case of premature delivery. Luckily this time, my vagina not yet opened. I can go home and rest. Fortunately, the contraction stopped around noon time.

Second and third week of April

I kept experienced Braxton-Hicks Contraction. I get very confused with the contraction period. I kept my hospital bag ready at all time.

25 April 2021, Sunday

My elder son was kicking and changing his postion whole night in bed. I didnt really rest well. I supposed to go governement clinic for check up. However, i spotted some blood on my undergarment. Bingo! time to go hospital.

8:30am A nurse poked my nose for swab test. After waited for 15 minutes, covid19 result is negative. Only me was allowed to enter hospital compound.

9:30am I wore hospital attire and laid on labour room. Dr. Goh checked my cervix. It has opened 3cm. He poked my water bag. He estimated I will deliver around 2pm or 3pm.

9:40am I was doing meditation to deal with contraction

10:40am my mum visited me in the labour room. I lost my focus. The contraction pain became unbearble to me. I requested for epidural.

11:00am I just felt preassue not pain. Nurse adviced me to sleep. I really felt asleep.

11:30am I felt like pass motion and request to go washroom. The nurse said baby is coming out. Eh! I was sleeping that time. My cervix can open so fast?? Baby was delivered after 4 pushes.

Until today, I still feel strange that I can deliver so fast.


  • This time, I delivered my second baby at private clinic. Private clinic services really totally different from public hospital. I can rest well at night. My baby was well fed in baby room
  • The doctor even do a blood test for my baby. We get to know our baby’s blood group.
  • The total cost of natural birth in Dr. Koh and Loh Gynae clinic is RM3180.00.
  • Family members were not allowed to visit. It was truly a lonely experience.
  • A big thank to my mother for delivering my first sumptous meal after delivering.
  • A big thank to my family members for helping me pick up diaper and wet tissue.
  • A big thank to all the healthcare staff in the hospital.
  • Thank you Mr. Ang for spending the large sum for me and baby. He was outstation in China during my pregnancy.

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