Steam Kampung Chicken RM15.00

23 May 2015 My parent are impromptu travelers. They have the urge to try some Kampunng Bukit Tinggi dishes. Thus, they drive from Johor Bahru to brother’s hostel. After fetching my brother, they drive to Genting Skyway to fetch us ( Mr. Ang and Mrs. Ang aka LerLer Chan) . The more the merrier. It… Read More

Search engine optimisation is a very important criteria for blog. There are various search engine in the market. Google is the number ONE and the most famous one among all. Webmaster tool provides users a better insight on websites. Users can easily fix or debug the problem in one glance. Functionality of Webmaster Tool Make… Read More

One fine evening, Macherie Johor Blogger are having lunch. Out of sudden, I mentioned that “I have a boy friend, Mr. Ang.” WHAT? HUH? The shocking expression from them were memorable. So who is this Mr. Ang? How Our Love Story Begin? On 13 June 2014,  Deonne invited some university friends and me to travel… Read More