Define a perfect family vacation? In my opinion, a perfect family vacation is a trip where every family member can enjoy himself or herself regardless of their age group or needs. However, it sounds quite impossible after having a baby. I am actually speaking from my own experience after Mr Ang and I have a baby. Let me share my recent experience.

Banjaran retreat center

Banjaran retreat centre

Last April, we decided to visit our relative in Perak. We travelled from Johor Bahru to Ipoh. There were five adults and one baby. Guess who had the largest luggage? Baby. We had to pack baby food, baby garments, toiletries and baby car seat. Hence, the car boot was fully utilised to maximum baby stuff’s.

Adults can sit quietly in the car, but not this baby of mine. No matter how we coaxed or tricked my baby, he would only stay still in the car seat for a few minutes. Next, he began to behave like a monkey inside the car. He began to jump from his mother’s lap to his grandparent’s laps. He “slithered” between our legs like a snake. Just Imagined all these activities happened inside a narrow car back seat. Not to mention about the adult passengers, filled with traumatic wild guessing of the danger of a baby travelling on a highway without properly tied into a baby car seat. Thus, road travelling becomes a nightmare instead of a vacation.

Fortunately, here comes the Star Cruise Holiday. Our nightmare is getting over soon. Star Cruise Holiday will definitely be an IDEAL for our family. Star Cruises has all the facilities and entertainments which fulfil and accomplish the needs of every guest, regardless as young as a toddler up to golden age citizen.

Vegetable plot in BW Cafe

The vegetable plot in BW Cafe

I love the idea of children care centres or junior cruisers. My child can play and enjoy the facilities inside while we parent can have some precious times by ourselves.  To add on, food and beverages are included in the trip. I can pack less for my baby.

Mr Ang likes to workout. Star Cruises provides ample sports amenities, such as jogging tracks, gyms and ball games for him to sweat out. It will be a fabulous idea to jog around the cruise outdoor decks surrounded with blue sky, sea breeze and fresh air.

Besides, as a couple, we are able to recall our sweet moment like romancing under the moonshine, appreciating live shows and fantastic concerts or getting a spot of Karaoke to seem to be a great dating idea for Mr Ang and me.

My mother loves swimming. Hence, she is able to indulge herself inside Jacuzzi or massage pools on the cruise. My father loves nature. He can relax and enjoy the sea view from the sun deck.

I love to bring my parent for a massages and reflexology in the cruise. This will be a perfect family vacation cater to every family needs. With Star Cruise vacation, the holiday will be the most memorable family bonding time too.


This post is written to participate in star 2  contest. We didn’t win it. May the winners enjoy the trip.

All you need to do is to tell us why you think you need to go on a cruise holiday, and what you feel would make the trip with Star Cruises a memorable one.

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