Short break or getaway is a great idea to step out of the usual hectic life.

Changi Beach

Changi Beach

16 May 2015

04:30pm    Depart to Singapore
05:50pm    Reach Changi Aloha Village – Bungalow A
06:00pm    BBQ
08:00pm    Evening stroke at Change Beach broad-way
08:30pm    Play Monopoly Deal card game
09:30pm    Clean up the BBQ pit and BBQ area
10:00pm     Nap time

Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest

17 May 2015

07:00am   Morning jog and photo shooting around Change Beach broad-way
07:50am    Wedding proposal
08:00am   Wash up at bungalow
09:00am   Check out Changi Aloha Village
09:05am    Breakfast around Changi Village
10:00am    Depart to Resort World Sentosa
11:00am    Reach Resort World Sentosa
11:30am    Take RWS8 Bus to the nearest MRT station
11:50am    Retake RWS8 Bus as we try to understand the bus route
12:15pm    Reach Harbour front MRT station
01:15pm    Reach Bay fount MRT Station
01:30pm    Reach Garden by the Bay
01:45pm    Lunch at Hill Street Cafe
02:15pm    Tour at Cloud Forest
03:15pm    Tour at Flower Dome
04:30pm    Depart to Resort World Sentosa
05:15pm    Reach Resort World Sentosa
05:25pm    Visit Casino
06:00pm    Depart to Johor Bahru
07:00pm    Dinner at Bukit Indah
08:00pm    End of Short Gateway

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