Coronation Procession Rehearsal

17 March 2015

I was working in the downtown of Johor Bahru. This was a coronation procession rehearsal video. It was very interesting to see many great cars during the procession rehearsal.

Coronation Day

23 March 2015

Sultan Ibrahim wants to give Johorean (Bangsar Johor) a royal coronation.

~ extracted from History Asia.

8:00am – We parked our car around Jalan Ngee Heng and walk toward Johor Bahru palace garden.
9:00am – We decided to have a breakfast at the nearby restaurant. While we were eating, 2 policemen walked into the restaurant. They ordered the owner to keep all the furnitures inside the restaurant.
10:00am – We walk around the down town of Johor Bahru. My parent were interviewed by Channel New Asia. We were the few Chinese that attend the ceremony. Not to forget, it was a sad day in Singapore. Singapore founding father, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew passed away on the same day.
10:45am – Sultan Johor and Queen’s car toured the down town of Johor Bahru. We were very happy to see them in real person.
11:30am – We returned home.


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