Year end holiday is around the corner. Mr Ang and I are planning family trip too. The nearest island to Johor is Singapore. However, the causeway will be congested. Pulau Sibu, Pulau Tinggi or Pulau Tioman are near to Mersing, Johor. Unfortunately, it is monsoon season. Islands in South China Sea will not be open to public. Jennifer Lai, author of imjennifer blogspot recommended us to visit Pangkor Island.

Why Pangkor Island is suitable for family?

#1 Family Time

Pangkor Island have some tourist attractions that are suitable for family. For example: beach, local street and fort. There are less vehicles on the island. Children can walk freely on the island under the watchful eyes of parents.

Children cand play around at Fu Ling Temple

#2 A Variety of Dried Seafood

Local produced dried seafood are made from fisheries from Melacca Strait. The most famous tidbits from Pangkor Island is Satay fish. I bet many 80s and 90s Malaysians have tasted this tidbits before. We used to buy Satay fish from primary school canteen. Do you know that satay fish is produced on Pangkor island?

A variety of dried seafood produced by the local fishermen are sold on the island. Children can learn some new terms. While, parent can buy some local souvenirs.

#3 Big Portion Meals with Reasonable Price

Worry about the food expenses on island vacation? Not in the case of Pangkor Island. Refer to Jennifer, the portion of the food can feed 2 persons. The fish and chip is sold around RM15++. Additional to it, the chef uses fresh fish fillet to cook fish and chip.

Good food with reasonable price

Top 3 Reasons to Book Hotels with Traveloka Malaysia.

# 1 Best All-round convenience

You can search hotels and flights under Traveloka app on your smartphone at anytiem or anywhere.

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#2 Best Price

Getting the best deals for flights and hotels in Southest Asia.

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#3 Honest Price

What you see is what you pay. No hidden fee.

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Top 3 Reasons to Stay at Pangkor Laut Resort.

#1 Scenic view from your window

You can enjoy this peaceful scene all day long from your room

#2 Kid Friendly

The parent can request for a baby cot to be placed in their room. Check out the hotel review at HERE.

Image Credit: Traveloka

#3 Away from the city

Relax yourselves with the tropical spa experience.

Image Credit Traveloka

Have you been to Pangkor Island? Share with me your experience. I look forward to your sharing.
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