8 August 2018 (Wednesday)

NUS enterprise center

NUS enterprise center

07:45 am Assembly in campus
08:30 am Depart to Singapore
10:30 am Reach Singapore TUAS checkpoint
11:30 am Reach National University of Singapore (NUS) i cube building. Attend NUS enterprise center’s briefing.
12:15 pm Lunch & listen to sharing from GetBoto, Nodeflair and Investing Note.
02:30 pm Free and easy time
03:30 pm Visit Block 71
05:00 pm Depart to Johor Bahru
06:30 pm Reach campus


    • NUS enterprise center provided a great facility for students
    • Idea is cheap. Execution is expensive ~ By Profesor Yeoh, NUS School of Computing
    • It is easier to find a wife than finding a co-founder. ~ By Mr. Shanalin Lim, Founder of Investing Note

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