As the year of dog is coming to end, the year of the pig will be here soon.  I had been following Master Paw LiChun 7 Steps method for around 4 years.  Let me share with you the steps.

What is LiChun?

In layman term, LiChun is the beginning of spring. There will be a great aura or “Qi” circulated the surrounding.

The Hour of Spring Begin (Follow Local Time)

Start  on 4 February 2019, Monday 11: 14 am

End on 19 February 2019, Tuesday 07:03 am


#1 Invite the Spring of Fortune

Place the pillows and blankets in the morning sun. The purpose is to invite the spring of fortune into your bedding. Later when you return the pillows and blankets onto your bed, the spring of fortune will be brought into your house too.

#2 Egg Standing

Try balancing an egg on its end. If successful, Good fortune will come.

#3 Wear new red clothes

Image Credit: Watch n Catch

Try to wear new red clothes to bring prosperity and happiness.

#4 Wallet Full of Cash

Image Credit: Pictures of Money

Remember to have some cash and red packets in your wallet.

#5 Activate of Heaven and Earth Qi Coherent of Spring

Image Credit: TheStar & Royal Southern

Stand barefoot on the grass under the sun and receive both the spirit of the sun and the earth for around 5 to 10 minutes. The list of ideal or prosperous places are:

  • bank
  • public squares
  • royal palaces
  • garden

#6 Activate Your Wealth



Save your money in the bank. Refer to the [Best Time To bank-in Money On LiChun Chart] for people to bank in their cash based on their respective zodiac signs.

#7 Maintain Good Mood at All Time

Dried fruit with no preservative and any additional chemical additives are best for pregnant lady.

Dried fruit with no preservative and any additional chemical additives are best for a pregnant lady.

Always keep your good mood. The Good Fortune of the year of the pig will start!

Extra Tips from My Past Experience

  • Wake up early. Please wake up before 11 am.
  • Avoid Johor Bahru Bukit Serene Royal Palace. The traffic congestion is unbearable.
  • Help our parent or siblings to bank- in money too. For instance, my mother zodiac is pig while mine is the rabbit. Our best session to bank-in money is on 4 February 2019 between 1 pm to 2:59 pm. I will cash deposit to her too. I have been practiced this habit for 2 years. I found that our relationship is better. To add on,  our financial situation has been satisfying too. I believe that filial piety has good merit too.

What is Windfall? 旺横财

Windfall on Lichun 2019

Windfall on Lichun 2019

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, windfall means an unexpected, unearned or sudden gain or advantage.

If you study Master Paw LiChun 2019 Chart carefully, her chart introduces windfall time slot this year.  Based on her past seminar or sharing, she mentioned that night time may not be a good time to bank-in money. The reason is the Qi is not good.


It may be the year 2019 LiChun fall on Chinese New Year Eve too.  It falls on a day before Chinese New Year First Day.  Thus, the chart for 2019 is different from previous years. However, remember to eat your reunion lunch or dinner before bank-in.

Note: Master Paw has not commented on this question. This is based on the author’s observation. Please do not reference this statement.


May all have a prosperous year ahead!!

by LerLer Chan lerlerchan

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