6 February 2019, Wednesday (初二)

Sungai Lembing

Sungai Lembing

10:00 am start preparing luggage

01:00 pm depart to Mersing

04:00 pm stop by Xiang Guo Bakery Cake House in Mersing for a tea break

05:10 pm reach grandma house

06:00 pm have an evening stroke around the area

07:30 pm dinner with family members and relatives

10:00 pm rest time

7 February 2019, Thursday (初三)

Teluk Cempaka

Teluk Cempaka

06:00 am  wake up

07:30 am breakfast with grandma

08:00 am  help grandma to pluck lime and other fruits

09:00 am I have a shock of my life. Mr. Ang buys 30 packets of nasi lemak, 12 packets of mee siam and a big tray of Malay pastry for breakfast.

10:00 am depart to Kuantan

12:30 noon reach Teluk Cempaka for lunch

03:00 pm check in Vistana Hotel, Kuantan

05:00 pm swimming

06:30 pm tour around Kuantan for dinner

07:00 pm stop by foud court 88 for dinner

09:00 pm rest

8 February 2019, Friday (初四)

Sungai Pandan Waterfall

Sungai Pandan Waterfall

06:30 am wake up

07:00 am depart to Sungai Lembing

08:00 am breakfast at Sungai Lembing.

09:00 am depart to Sungai Pandan Waterfall

09:15 am have fun at Sungai Pandan Waterfall

10:40 am depart to Kuantan

11:30 am reach the hotel and clean up

12:30 noon check out hotel

12:40 pm lunch at Bay Leaf Steak House

01:30 pm depart to Mersing

03:45 pm meet up with the parent in Endau’s market

05:00 pm reach Kluang and check in Merdeka hotel

06:30 pm have a stroke around hotel

07:00 pm dinner at BW cafe, Kluang

09:00 pm rest

9 February 2019, Saturday (初五)

Vegetable plot in BW Cafe

Vegetable plot in BW Cafe

07:00 am breakfast at the hotel

08:00 am rest due to diarrhea

10:30 am depart to Johor Bahru

12:00 noon reach Johor Bahru

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