19 June 2016, Sunday

Visiting to Banjaran Hot springs is one of the MUST VISIT in our list since young. We are nature lovers and embrace deeply in mountain, jungle, stream, etc.

We visited Banjaran TWICE but had never felt enough of not coming back again.
Last year, we came in a big group to celebrate our eldest sister’s birthday and also sibling gathering. We chose Banjaran as it’s a strategic location for all of us who travelled either from Southern and Northern of Peninsula. Upon arrival, we were welcomed by your handsome, hospitality and professional staff, Mr Kamal, who tour-guided us about this scenic paradise. He also ensured all the facilities in tip-top condition in our two Garden Villas. In addition, he gave us an ‘awesome surprise of birthday cake for our ‘birthday guest”- our motherly Ta Jie (elder sis). Being a conservative, submissive, and ‘kampung -typed´ 60++ old lady, she was almost in tears of joys when she was celebrated in this unexpected merrymaking. Till today, she has non-stop talking about her awesome experience in Banjaran to her surrounding communities.

This year, we came in as couple as to get away from hassle – bustle of our hectic work-life. It was indeed an excellent escape path as we indulged into the deep natural wonder of paradise. Mr Kamal, who patiently briefed us about the existing well planned fitness and wellness schedule. We followed his suggestion to maximize our retreat.
We began our journey by exploring the mysterious and breathtaking mediation cave. Next, we proceeded for a 15 minutes jungle walk, escorted by Mr Patrick and got into The Lost World of Tambun with complimentary entrance tickets. We enjoyed watching the animal show and nostalgic scenic back in early 1900s in the Lost World of Tambun.We were treated like VVIP and chauffeured back to Banjaran by the Resort Coach even though it was only a 15 minutes walkway back.

Back to the resort, we began to explore the ‘ not so wet area’ such as Crystal cave, Dr Fish, Geothermal steam cave, before we finally wet ourselves in the ‘hot dipping pool’, ‘public pool’ and of cause in-house swimming pool and Jacuzzi. Not forget to mention the ‘yoga’ session with versatile and personalize Yoga guru – Mr……. (Sorry, I forgot to get his name) who conducted a thrilling lesson for us.
The only ‘setback’ was his thrilling lesson was also ‘impressed’ by uninvited guests-mosquitoes to practice yoga with us. We would much prefer to be conducted inside the gym room as what we had last year.

Despite there was a downpour at night, we still had a great time indulging in this complete tranquility, excellent beautifully maintained ecological area, feeling extremely relax, refresh and rejuvenate.
Last but not least, we would like to offer our commendation to your highly professional troupe – Mr Kamal, Mr Patrick, Ms Nikki, Yoga Guru and also Pamelo restaurant staff who were at sight, made us feel so homely. It was by far the best resort we have ever been to and would high recommend to everyone to stay in at least once in a life time.

This post is written by Pearly Chan.  She has more than 20 years of travel experience around the world. This post is published with her full permission.

This post was first published on TripAdvisor.


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