Bungee Reverse Jump at Boracay

I was looking at the hamster globe like ball at the stage. I swallowed my saliva strenuously . My heart was beating madly.

ArtChan, you tak takut ke?
I takut. Tetapi ini sekali sahaja dalam hidup. I mesti try lah.


ArtChan, don’t you feel afraid?
Yes, I am scared. But this is once in a lifetime. I must try it out.

That was ArtChan’s explanation on “Extreme DareDevil”.

When I received the Air Asia News about this award, it was indeed  one of the happiest day in my life. When  AirAsia PR mentioned the word “Extreme DareDevil ” in email, I was thinking.

Image Credit: Baraboo public library

So I need to try some bizarre foods?

The journey started off from KLIA2. I got to know the other participants. They were ArtChan, Cha, Travis and Helen. We flew to Kalibo airport, Philippines.  During the flight, I got to know ArtChan and his friend more.


Kalibo airport is a small airport. There are 3 immigration counters. When we arrived at the airport, there was a long queue at the counter. We queue up for 30 minutes to get through the immigration counter. Once we stepped out the airport lobby, we were approached by many sale personnel promoting transportation services. We just headed to  the telco counter. We couldn’t live without data plan.

Helen and Travis bought 5 days data plan with international call package from SMART Telco at 400 Peso. While, ArtChan, Cha and I bought 5 days data plan package from Globe at 300 Peso.

Tip: The telco personnel need 15 minutes to set up Globe sim card. If you are in hurry, it is advisable to buy SMART data plan package which  is easier to install.

Next, we squeezed into a Toyota Camry car and headed off to Caticlan jetty. The journey took about 1 hour 30 minutes. Some stretch of the roads were hilly. Some of us felt dizzy.

When we reached the Caticlan jetty, I was surprised with the number of tourists and locals. It was around 7pm. There were still many people around the jetty. I was more surprised with the exorbitant  fees as followed.

  • Environment fee
  • Jetty fee
  • Boat ticket

The boat journey took around 10- 15 minutes to reach Cagban jetty, Boracay. Then, we took jeepney (commonly known as totok car) to the hotel. It was indeed a fabulous and awesome hotel.

Tip: Try to use big note at the telco counter. Then, you can get small notes. It is better to use small note to pay all the unexpected fee.

Deluxe room by Canyon de Boracay. Sponsored by AirAsiaGo.

Canyon de Boracay was voted as the best hotel in 2015  on Trip Advisor. I couldn’t stop taking photos of room as I stepped in.  WhenI showed all these photos to Mr. Ang, he was envious and jealous.

Cafe by the Boracay beach

Boracay’s night life is great. There were many activities on the beach. However, I was extremely exhausted after the long travelling hours since early this morning. After a brief strolling along beach, I dozed off immediately on the bed as I went back to my room.

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