[LoveByte] How We Take Bonding to a Next Level?

One fine evening, Macherie Johor Blogger are having lunch. Out of sudden, I mentioned that “I have a boy friend, Mr. Ang.” WHAT? HUH? The shocking expression from them were memorable. So who is this Mr. Ang?

How Our Love Story Begin?

On 13 June 2014,  Deonne invited some university friends and me to travel to Sungai Lembing, Pahang. While, Mr. Ang was invited by Deonne’s boyfriend, Leon. The world was relatively small. We were from same home town. However, our affinity started in the Sungai Lembing.

Sungai Lembing rainbow waterfall
Sungai Lembing rainbow waterfall

I didn’t really notice him  during the trip. I was too happy playing around with my good friends. Sometime, when I reflected back, my first impression to him wasn’t that good. I was practising yoga on the rock, jumping around like a monkey and eating food like there is no tomorrow.  We didn’t really talk during the trip

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After I posted the trip on my blog, Mr. Ang started to chat with me through Facebook messenger. The pick up line from him was wonderful.

Hi, your blog is very nice.

STRIKE. Compliment word can easily catch a person attention. That is how we begin to chat over the app. After one month of chatting, he confessed, I agreed. That is how we started in relationship.

We have similar hobbies. He enjoy marathon while I enjoy dancing.  We even had a commercial shot with Infinete Loop Media and UpTown Cafe.  It is part of our memories now.

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Facebook messenger app is quite public mobile app. As a couple, I prefer something more private and exclusive between us.  Migme Singapore introduced us to Lovebyte App. An mobile app that solve our question.

LoveByte, the mobile app that specialises in helping couples improve their relationship and stay connected, aims to make dating and communication fun, even beyond Valentine’s Day.

As a niche private app for two people, couples can chat in the app, share every detail of their life as photos, notes and dates. However, LoveByte offer special features that improve couple bonding and communication to be even more personal and unique.


Chat in a personal space for couple
Image Credit: www.lovebyte.us

Secret Message: Fun, private surprises in everyday communication on

We are not romantic type of couple. We do greet each other “Good Morning” to kick start the day. “Good night” to end the day with sweet dream


An organised way to save your shated memories
Image Credit: www.lovebyte.us

Partner’s Status: Location, Weather & Battery Indicator.

Mr. Ang is currently working oversea. We are able to understand each other situation in one glance.

Our Story: A shared treasure chest of precious memories

Mr. Ang is very good at joke. I used the note function to keep his joke. When my day went wrong, his jokes lighten my day.

Check out how to use the LoveByte app here.

Website: http://lovebyte.us/



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