19 December 201619 December 2016

I enjoy eating fresh fish dishes. In Chinese cooking, there are many ways to cook fish.I enjoy eating steam fish. Today, we going to try different SiChuan (四川 )fish cooking methods.

Sichuan Radish Pickles 萝卜皮 as appetizer

Sichuan Radish Pickles 萝卜皮 as appetizer

Homemade SiChuan radish pickles is seldom found in Malaysia. Local radish is washed and dried . Then it is soaked in special salted water with some chilies. Don’t be intimidated by red chilies. It is not that spicy. Instead, it is very crunchy. For me, this is very suitable to eat with white porridge.

12 Dumpling RM10.00

We like to try some dumpling with different flavours. The green dumpling is garlic chives flavour 韭菜, while famous for its pungent smell.My family members also prefer this green dumpling.
On the other hand, the white dumpling is Chinese cabbage pickle flavour. Chinese cabbage is sour in taste but once mixed with pork mince and shrimp, it is fabulous. Thick dumpling skin is used to trap down the pork paste savourly taste.

Home Secret Braised Pork 私房红烧肉 RM28.00

Family Secret Braised Pork 私房红烧肉 RM28.00

Big chunks of pork belly are braised with the soy sauce and own homemade sauce. It is sweet,but not greasy at all.

Tok chilies steam fish 剁椒烧鱼 RM48.00

We had tried 3 type of fish cuisine. “Tok chilies” is a cuisine name created by Mr. Ang. We were not sure what is the English word for “Tuo Jiao”. Why not have some local name for it? Tok chilies is one of the method to process the chilies. Fresh red chilies are washed and chopped. Then, the chopped chilies are drained and dehydrated. Next, the chopped chilies are made into pickle which remained the redness of chilies. I love this dish as it is sourly and spicy. It must be eat while hot as the sourly and spicy taste will be at its climax to suit with the steam fish.

Zhu Ge Grilled Fish 诸葛烤鱼 RM58.00

According to Baidu encyclopedia, Zhuge 诸葛亮 is one of the smartest military general in Chinese History. Zhuge grilled fish was one of his favourite dish. Firstly, grill the fresh fish into golden brown. Secondly, prepare a special rectangular hot pot. Thirdly, fill in the hot pot with seasonal fresh vegetables. Fourthly, place the grilled fish in the hot pot. Finally, pour mala based soup into the hot pot & let it boil. SiChuan is added to give numbness sensation to diners’ tongues.

The fresh fish is firstly grilled till golden brown. Secondly, prepare a special rectangle hot pot q and filled up with seasonal fresh vegetable. Placed the grilled fish in the pot. Then the mala 麻辣 based soup is poured into the hot pot and boil。 This dish has a unique pungency and spicy taste. SiChuan pepper is added to give a numbness kick to diners tongue.

Fresh seasonal vegetables such as lady fingers, mushrooms, potatoes and tofu are added to give this dish some nutrients. That was the reason ZhuGe was extremely smart.


Squirrel fish 松鼠鱼 RM38.00

Deep fried fish in sweet and sour sauce is very suitable for kid. The chef has removed all the fish bone and sliced the meat into check-box. When, the sliced fish is fried in oil, the fish will present itself in check box shape. That is how squirrel fish name come about.

Steam lady finger with garlic RM8.00


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