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18 June 2016

Have you attended wellness guru, Mr. Wong Yu Jin‘s lesson before? In his class, he mentioned that power snacks are a much better food to curb our hunger. I will usually grab some food during tea break time. After attended his lesson, I try my best to find some healthy power snacks to keep in my office. Nuts and dried fruits are relatively expensive. I usually only buy nuts and dried fruits during sale period. Then, what should I consume for tea break?


Bika Food Sdn Bhd, the nation’s favourite snacks food producer announced the launch of the new products.

  • Bika Little Bear Chocolate Biscuit 100g = RM1.80
  • Bika Milk Biscuit 66g = RM1.00
  • Bika Milk Biscuit with vitamins and minerals enriched 75g = RM1.00

During the media launch, the host, Ms. Eryn Wong explained the difference between junk food and snack. Junk food normally refers to food that is high in calories and low in nutrients. According to James Clear, Behavioral Psychologist, junk food is the one of the causes of heart problems, high blood pressure, a host of other health ailments and increase in depression. Bika wants to be different and contribute some changes in our healthy habits. Therefore, 3 new products are introduced as snacks.

Snack is a small amount of food eaten between meals ~ Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Snack does not pose any immediate health concerns and is generally see when integrated into a well-balanced diet.Further more, Bika packed the snack into the right serving portion. One air tight package is enough as a snack portion. I don’t have to find a container to keep it.


Pearly Chan tried out the biscuits in her office too. She mentioned to me that the biscuits is still fresh even keep in normal plastic container. She can usually the biscuit at anytime and anywhere convenience.

The first media launch combines with Raya Fashion Show from Chic Pavo Boutique.
The first media launch combines with Raya Fashion Show from Chic Pavo Boutique.

Bika snacks are available at all convenience stores and major stores in Malaysia. For more photos, please visit my Facebook page album.

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