10 February 2016 (Wednesday) was the third day of Chinese New Year. Mr. Ang and I were on the way back home. As the car was driving down the overhead bridge, we saw a red Proton Wira was spinning on the opposite road. The car rammed over the divider. It hits a lamp post. The car landed right on our path. I was in shock. I was not able to react to what I have seen.

I heard a loud bang. The red car hits our car with a very strong impact. I wanted to get out of the car. However, my body was immobilised. I was having difficulty with breathing. My back was in great pain. I placed my right hand over my chest. My chest was screaming with pain. Then, I saw smoke coming out of the car bonnet. I wanted to scream. I hope that Mr. Ang was fine. I felt so helpless at that point.

Luckily, Mr. Ang was fine. He managed to get out of the car after the collision. He got out of the car and examine the damage. Then, he realised that I was still in the car. Mr. Ang saw me gasping for air at the passenger seat. He quickly open the passenger side door, unlock the seat belt and carried me out.Some kind strangers asked us to sit by the roadside. I tried to catch back my breath. Mr. Ang brought me some water. I drank some and split out. I had some blood in my mouth.

A nice Indian aunty helped me to lay down. She helped to wash my face with water.
Dik relax
Miss are you ok?
Breath slowly
Relax relax
躺下, 躺下

Too many kind words were flying around. I was too dizzy to notice all the kind strangers that offer us help.
There were uncles offering to drive me to the clinic. But there saw bruises on my chest. So some random stranger called ambulance. Another kind stranger helped to take our valuable things out of the car. He placed all the valuable things beside me.

Policemen reached in a few minutes to handle the traffic congestion. A few guys offered their car tow services. Luckily, Mr. Ang was in his clear mind to handle the situation. Sadhux3 he wasn’t hurt.
The ambulance reached as my parent reached the scene. I saw 4 blue angels with neon colour vest approach us. They tried to walk me to the ambulance. However, it was too painful to me. My neck and spine were in great agony. The angels used other methods to place me on emergency cart ( I do hope that I used the right word).
In the ambulance, the angels kept remind me not to fall a sleep. They placed a neck support on me

Miss Saya tau you kuat.
Miss tengok Saya

When I reached emergency ward, we didn’t have time to pay my gratitude ambulance pertahanan awam. I sincerely thank you for the nurses in the ambulance
After a few rounds of x-ray and scan, I was hospitalised for a night.
I wish to thank you all the kind strangers for helping us. There were many different ethnic helping us. Thank you to all the kind strangers from different backgrounds.
May all be rewarded with great merit
Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

11 February 2016
I woke up from nightmare. I kept seeing the red car in my sleep. I couldn’t shut that thought out. After vomited 5 times, I decided to type out the incident on my facebook page.

This write up helped me to release all the tension in my body. I felt a great relieve. I was able to fall a sleep.

Around 7pm, I checked out of the hospital and begin my 15 days of hospitalisation leaves.

22 February 2016
Follow up treatment at the hospital. Doctor mentioned that it will take 2 to 3 months to fully recover. My head often feel dizzy

28 February 2016
It was Chingay prayer. I prayed for great health and safe journey to all.

29 February 2016
I was able to go back to work

7 March 2016
I was able to drive a car. However, I fear for red Proton Wira car.

31 March 2016
I still feel pain on my neck and right shoulder occasionally. However, I am very grateful for the smooth recovery. Thank you for this car accident. I understand that being healthy is the first priority. Stay safe and healthy is more important than anything else.

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