Let me share a common conversation at home.

Son: Mum, I am hungry.
Mum: Go and find some biscuit in the kitchen.
Son: Where is the biscuit?
Mum: Open the cupboard on the left. Look at the second column. You should be able to find a tin of biscuit there.
Son: Yup, I found it.

When you are hungry at home, the first place you will visit is Kitchen. You may make a cup of Milo (chocolate drink) or find a few slice of biscuit for a bite. My house always have a container of cut fresh fruits. I will just open the fridge and grab a slice of fruit for a bite. Everyone has their own habit to find food in kitchen. How about you?

According to Feng Shui Beginner, kitchen is considered as the one of the most essential location in a house. Kitchen represent the health. In order to have more income, we need to have the pink of health. Thus, kitchen must be neat and clean at all time.

Here are my kitchen on budget tips.

1) Multipurpose Adjustable Rack

Multiplepurpose Adjustable Rack

Image Credit: Rakuten Malaysia

Multiple adjustable rack can place in almost every corner of the kitchen.  You can place it under the basin and arrange bottles of detergent neatly. I like to keep my kitchen cabinet as neat as possible. I usually placed my herb bottles or sauces bottles neatly on the rack. It will be easier for me to take it out for cooking purpose.

2) 6 in 1 Pop-Up Spice Bottle Jar Container Rack Set

6 in 1 Pop-Up Spice Bottle Jar Container Rack Set

6 in 1 Pop-Up Spice Bottle Jar Container Rack Set. Image Credit: Rakuten Malaysia

For a common Malaysian family, there will be around 5 spices in the kitchen. The most common spices in the kitchen are star anise, cumin, white peeper, black  pepper, tamarind and cinnamon. Spices need to kept in cool and dry container to preserve its natural fragrant. This tool will be beneficial for homemaker.

3)  Mr Clean Magic Scrub

Mr Clean Magic Scrub

Mr Clean Magic Scrub. Image Credit: Rakuten Malaysia

It is very common to have grease or dirt in kitchen. Grease on glassware or stove are a big no for a clean environment. The scrub can help you to clear off the dirt easily.

4) U-Need Large Stainless Steel Dish Drying Rack

Large Stainless Steel Dish Drying Rack

Large Stainless Steel Dish Drying Rack. Image Credit: Rakuten Malaysia

Glassware, bowls, plates, spoon, forks and chopstick need to be dry off before place them back in the cabinet. After washing the glassware, stainless steel dish drying rack will be a great tool to dry them naturally. To add on, stainless steel does not rust easily due to humid.

5) ASOTV Egg Master Non Stick Cooking Vertical Pop Up Omelet Sausage Roll Cooker

Egg Master

Egg Master. Image Credit: Rakuten Malaysia

There are time I just want to have a quick meal. However, I just feel so lazy to clean up all the kitchen tools at the end of the meal. Egg master can help lazy people easily. You can even take a shower while egg master is cooking the egg dishes.

6) Organic Green Tea


Original Green Tea

Organic Green Tea.  Image Credit: Rakuten Malaysia

I do enjoy a cup of tea after doing house chores. Tea bags can be reused too.

  • A used tea bags can be placed in refrigerator to absorb odors.
  • Cold used tea bags can place on eyes to reduce swollen eyes.
  • Used tea leaves can be used as fertilizer for gardening

As kitchen is  where meal are prepared. Food can affects our health and well-beings. What are your budget tips for clean kitchen? Share with me on the comment below.

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